Give Your Employees the Skills Needed to Thrive Through Stress

Are your employees thriving or surviving?

  • Is your fast paced, highly pressured work environment causing burn out and disengagement?
  • Do your employees have the skills needed to thrive in the face of change?
  • Is your approach to employee health and wellness stagnating?

Only 35% of Workers are Driving your Company Forward

The pressures of our environment can foster positive results; we raise our game, feel motivated, energized and fulfilled. Adversely, we can become disengaged, stop caring about our contributions to our team, customers and even our health and happiness.

Gallup reports that 65% of workers are disengaged. That means that only about one third of your workforce is driving your company forward. More engaged employees leads to substantially better results. It’s a fact.

There are many causes of disengagement and there’s no easy fix. Companies have to be dedicated to engaging employees and offer training that gives them opportunity for self-reflection. 

Technology, change and emotions...oh my!

Today’s world is fast paced, continually changing and highly pressured. The use of technology has improved our lives in many ways but has also increased our ability to blend work and our personal lives. In fact, technology has made it easy to respond to work emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the corporate world, quick responses and always being available is often rewarded. While the company rewards you, your personal life suffers and feelings of resentment start to creep in.

Change is the only constant.

We hear that phrase and nod our heads in agreement. Yet when change happens in the workplace, employees react emotionally (and these typically aren’t positive emotions). Change can derail us from focusing on our work and cause us to be unproductive. If employees don’t have the skills they need to bounce back from change, they can end up mentally unfocused.

It’s been said that high emotional intelligence is more important than IQ. For high performance and productivity, employees need to be emotionally self aware and able to manage their emotions. If employees don’t have emotional intelligence, work relationships can suffer, teams can be dysfunctional and ultimately work becomes worse than high school!

So, how do you teach employees to thrive through this high pressured, fast paced and continually changing environment? 

Teach them the skill of resilience.

Resilience is the acquired ability to NOT get knocked
off balance when challenges happen.

Resilience Training is for your Organization if...

  • You count on leadership skills to drive your business forward.
  • You need your employees to be creative problem solvers.
  • You need an energized workforce.
  • Your employees need strong mental focus to get their jobs done.​
  • You are looking for a unique training experience that is different from most corporate trainings.
  • You want to expand your current approach to health and wellness beyond the physical dimension.

Most health and wellness programs only take into account the physical dimension, such as nutrition and fitness, and ignore addressing thoughts and feelings that stand in the way of making health changes. Resilience training addresses the physical dimension only as a way to support high performance as opposed to making it the main focus.

Your Workforce is Multi-Dimensional​​


Our days can be filled with many emotions, both positive and negative. How often have you seen (or sent) an email that was emotionally charged? What about managing employee conflicts where emotions run high? Emotional Resilience is about self awareness, self management and self confidence. ​


For high performance, we need a strong mental focus. Unfortunately, the working world is full of multi-tasking prompts that cause us to split our focus and underperform. We also have an internal dialogue that can hinder us from growing professionally and personally.


How you fuel yourself, your quality of sleep and movement patterns can either support your resilience or undermine it. 


This dimension explores your compelling WHY. This is similar to a mission or purpose statement when you answer "what or who is most important to you". By understanding your compelling why, you can align your performance and engagement to what matters most to you.

Virtual & In-Person Training: Everyday Resilience

Everyday Resilience is unlike most corporate trainings you’ve had. It offers a multi-dimensional approach, addressing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of participants. Let’s face it…we all want to build emotional intelligence, sharpen our mental focus, be physically well and have a clear sense of purpose, right? Honing these skills can help your employees engage in what matters most to them and lead to high performance.

As humans, we are multidimensional and need to understand what drives our engagement, and what disrupts and derails it. In this training, your employees will gain an understanding of their biggest gaps in resilience and individually commit to an action plan to fix the most important one.

In Everyday Resilience your employees will discover:

  • Practical strategies that create valuable habits leading them to live an engaged life.
  • How to be successful in a highly pressured and fast paced environment.
  • How to identify and overcome obstacles that are preventing your employees from success.
  • The proven formula for sustaining high energy levels and peak performance throughout the day.​
  • The key to getting the most out of relationships with co-workers, friends and family.​

Everyday Resilience Offerings

One hour course delivered in person or via webinar: This one-hour course gives a high level overview of the 4 dimensions of resilience: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We discuss the key concepts related to resilience, have participants increase awareness of their resilience levels and commit to one small action step.

4-hour in person or virtual delivery (4 one-hour sessions): This training session dives deeper into each dimension of resilience. The participants will create specific strategies to be resilient in each dimension. They’ll tie it all together at the end and create a detailed action plan to change the desired behavior.

8-hour in person training: This training provides a deeper assessment of current resilience levels. It includes an understanding of the change process, the power of purpose and habit and a guided workout. All of the day’s learnings are reflected upon and participants find the specific habit they want to incorporate into their lives through a detailed action plan.​

Sustainability tools​: We know that getting back into the real world after a corporate training can derail even our best intentions. To continue the message of resilience after the training, we offer an email series and/or group Master Class. These sustainability tools give learners time to put the training into practice and help them through any roadblocks.​

What Participants Are Saying

Thank you so much for your presentation and for bringing thought provoking topics to the group. I haven’t stopped talking about it to my leadership team.

It was the best training we have had! I did get lots of rich nuggets that I have already put into place. It was perfect timing and appreciate that it was offered. Bringing my BEST self to the game!

This course was amazing! It has allowed me to open my eyes to my true potential and the possibilities that can be achieved if I work towards them.

This class has had a significant impact on my life. My loyalty and commitment to my job is at a very high level.

Everyday Resilience will help your employees become focused, engaged and energized. They’ll discover practical strategies and create valuable habits leading them to live an engaged life.