Hi, I'm Jen.

After many years of implementing traditional wellness programming and not seeing success, I knew there had to be a better way to help employees improve their wellbeing.

I set out on a mission to figure out why the corporate wellness industry is so trapped in outdated thinking and find new ways of thinking about employee wellbeing.


Your Employees Have Stories to Tell.

Highlight Them Through Wellbeing Connect!

When I originally started Redesigning Wellness, it was to express my frustration with all that's wrong with traditional wellness programming

Since then, I’ve interviewed many wellness experts on my podcast, worked with employers and employees to reaffirm that the way we’re “doing” wellness isn’t working to achieve the high expectations we’ve given it. Now, instead of frustration, I see limitless possibility to enhance employee well-being through listening to and caring for them.

After all, it’s your employees who you trust to care for your customers. So, why wouldn’t you show your employees you care for them?


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Wellbeing Connect

Customized corporate wellness newsletters covering the many elements of well-being. We bring the latest news and developments on all areas of wellness to your employees.

Resilience Training

A multi-dimensional approach to helping your company’s leaders address the many aspects of wellness. Live (virtual) and self-paced options available.

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