Workplace Resilience Training

Help your employees gain the skill of resilience and avoid burnout with our multidimensional, neuroscience-backed employee resilience training program.

Workplace Resilience Training

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the acquired ability to adapt well in the face of uncertainty, significant sources of stress, and adversity.

It’s a skill that can be learned and developed. 

More than five decades of research points to the fact that resilience is built by attitudes, behaviors and social supports that can be adopted and cultivated by anyone.

Why Employees Need Resilience Training

The Stress in America research from 2022 found that:

Stressed at work

Only 33% of Employees Are Driving Your Company Forward

The pressures of our environment can foster positive results: we raise our game, feel motivated, energized and fulfilled. On the other hand, those pressures can also cause us to become disengaged, stop caring about our contributions to our team, customers and even our health and happiness.

Gallup reports that 67% of workers are disengaged. That means that only about one third of your workforce is driving your company forward. More engaged employees leads to substantially better results. It’s a fact.

There are many causes of disengagement and there’s no easy fix. Companies have to be dedicated to engaging their staff and offering employees resilience training that gives them opportunities for self-reflection. 

The Everyday Resilience Training Program

Designed to help your employees better respond to challenges, adapt to stressful situations, and become more solution-oriented.

Topics Covered

physical care for resilience
Physical Care for Resilience

This session underscores the importance of sleep on our resilience: covering the benefits of sleep, identifying barriers to quality sleep, and sleep tips.

emotional resilience
Emotional Resilience

When a stressor comes your way, how quickly do you emotionally bounce back? This session defines emotions, asks participants to identify what emotionally challenges them, and walks through a framework for managing emotions.

mastering your mindset
Mastering Your Mindset

It’s not the adversity itself, but how we respond to the adversity that matters how our life’s story will develop. This session walks participants through common negative thinking patterns and how to reframe unhelpful thoughts.

finding meaning
Finding Meaning

What really matters to you? Understanding what’s important to you and what matters most can greatly enhance your resilience. In this session, participants learn the connection between resilience and purpose and get started on the path to discovering what’s most important to them.

Why Everyday Resilience for Workplace Resilience Training?

Unlike typical corporate trainings that tend to be dull and boring, Everyday Resilience stands out with its dynamic and interactive approach. Here are a few key features of our trainings.

Multidimensional Approach

We address the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of participants. This helps your employees engage in what matters most to them, leading to high performance.

Built on Neuroscience

Our training sessions are designed to keep participants engaged with short segments of information to maximize their “attention budgets.”

Active Learning Environment

Participants are encouraged to use their time with us to learn from each other, sparking new ideas for taking action in their work and in day-to-day life.

Participants will come away from our resilience training with a better understanding of how to handle challenges, adapt to stressful situations, and be more solution-oriented. 

That means employees are more engaged, more satisfied with their jobs, and more committed to their workplace.

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How it Works

Our typical engagements include live (virtual or in-person) training sessions with a skilled facilitator. Varying options are available from a general overview to an extended series for maximum impact. Click the “Get a Quote” button below to learn more.