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Not just another corporate newsletter.

We may be living in a virtual world right now, but people need connection more than ever. Our Wellbeing Connect letters share the latest news and resources in all the areas of wellness: mental, emotional, physical, career, financial, and more.

Choose from our topics and components to tailor our Wellbeing Connect letters just for your employees.

Wellbeing Connect Elements:

Employee Spotlight

A short interview to highlight one of your employees. Brings the human element to our letters.

Key Resources

A curated list of websites and other resources relating to the letter's topic.

Wellbeing Article

From the latest news and research on one of the many areas of wellbeing: mental, physical, financial, etc.

Wellness Video or Visual

Some of us learn best visually -- we include videos and other graphics to enhance our letters.

Important Dates

Customized from your company's calendar.


Concrete steps to take knowledge from our letter and turn it into action.

Motivational Quote

Wellness quotes to inspire.

Your Branding

Maintain consistency with your company's colors and logos.

Why Choose Wellbeing Connect?

A More Connected Workforce

Equip your employees with the latest wellness information to help them feel connected to the company and their personal wellbeing. Improving employee's wellbeing is good for them, and for your company.


We don't just focus on physical fitness. Wellbeing CONNECT gives your employees tips and tricks for mental and emotional wellness, career and financial resources, resilience, and more.

Metrics Tracking

We track Click-Through and Open Rates to determine what information is and isn't getting in front of your employees.


We will work with you to develop the best newsletter for you and your company's needs.

Multi-Dimensional Wellness

Popular Wellbeing Connect Themes

Getting Started with Wellbeing Connect



A short chat with a Redesigning Wellness team member to get a feel for your company’s needs. 




Select the topics and sections your employees would benefit from the most.




We’ll take it from here!




Review stats and plan content for upcoming newsletters with a member of our team.


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