A 2019 survey found that 77% of respondents say they have a very hard time relaxing during the holidays and usually end up feeling more stressed and worn down than ever.

Another survey reported by NBC News found that 45% of people living in the U.S. would choose to skip out on the holidays, rather than deal with the stress of it all.

Put holiday stress on top of almost 2 years of COVID and your employees may need some extra support to manage their emotional and mental health during the holiday season. The Stress Less During the Holidays webinar aims to give participants time to reflect on their stressors and a plan to manage them.

In this one-hour, interactive webinar, participants will walk away with:

  • An understanding of their top holiday stressors 
  • Strategies to protect their emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing
  • A plan to stress less during the holidays

Included with this webinar: customized communication copy to invite employees to the session, a handout that includes key points of the session, and access to the recording for up to one-month post session.