4 Steps to Organizational Influence for Wellness Professionals

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You set out to make an impact. You’re passionate about wellness and helping your employees succeed.

Now that headlines are screaming “wellness doesn’t work”, you may be getting questions from your leadership team wondering about the true value of wellness.

Maybe you don’t know how to articulate the value wellness brings. Maybe you know you need to get out of your silo and make new connections. Maybe your workload prevents you from adding anything “extra” in your day.

If you're...

  • asking yourself “how can I get decision makers to buy in to wellness?”
  • having trouble connecting what you do to what’s important to your CEO, managers and other departments in your organization
  • aiming to build a value proposition that resonates with your leadership
  • ready to build new connections across your organization

Then this webinar is for you!

Come and learn how to take wellness out of its silo, connect and build relationships across your organization and maximize channels that already exist (instead of creating new ones) in this webinar with Jen Arnold.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Ways to connect with decision makers
  • Why relationships are invaluable to your success
  • How to integrate wellness into your organization's business strategy
  • Explore a new opportunity - Redesigning Wellness Academy

Two webinar times – Click the respective button below to register