Confidently Move Your Organization Into The Next Generation of Worksite Wellness

In the past decade, many of us have been sold on why employers should invest in wellness and we thought we had the formula to make it work. 

Health Assessments and biometrics to start. Then one activity and then another. Throw in some financial incentives … until  your employees are jumping through an endless number of hoops to “improve their health” and you’re wondering if all this is really making an impact.

We have a passion for helping employees make behavior changes. We want to make an impact on the lives of many but end up focused on administrative tasks, justifying why wellness really does "work", frustrated we're not at the table when decisions are made and feeling like we are in a bubble. 

Now it's time to elevate your impact and influence!

Do you want to....

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    Discover how to make a bigger impact on the wellbeing of those you serve 
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    Build your credibility as a thought leader in your organization
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    Effectively request appropriate resources 
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    Discover what works in terms of participation and engagement (and what doesn’t)
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    Learn to demonstrate the true value of wellbeing initiatives to business leaders 

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    Elevate and expand your role in your organization (and beyond)

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    Learn to persuasively communicate with business leaders and colleagues
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    Overcome obstacles to evolving your wellness program
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    Hear from other wellness professionals who have overcome obstacles and successfully made the changes you want to make

If so, join us for
Next Generation Wellness:
From Theory to Practice.

You'll get tangible tips on how to implement a first step into this next generation wellness.

You'll learn how to effectively communicate and persuade higher ups in your organization.

You'll be mentored by experienced wellness professionals (almost 40 years of collective experience) who have faced the same challenges.

After this training you will:

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    Be energized by having a clear path to get started
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    Build the confidence to have powerful conversations 
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    Find your tribe of supportive wellness professionals who want to make a positive impact in our field

Training Details

We'll meet Wednesdays from noon to 1:15 p.m. EST live via the Zoom platform.

Dates: February 13 to April 10th 2019  (9 weeks)

Investment: Early Bird Price $695 until January 31, 2019

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covering in this training?

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Training Facilitated by:

Jen Arnold, MS, RD/LDN

Jen’s on a mission to help employers foster human connections in the workplace. She started her company and podcast, Redesigning Wellness, to address the full employee (mind, body and spirit) and challenge employers to think outside of the box when it comes to corporate wellness programs.

For the 16 years prior to starting her business, Jen held various wellness roles including leading organizational health and wellness efforts, advising employers on their wellness efforts and facilitating wellness education classes. 

Rebecca Johnson, MS

Rebecca Johnson is a leader in the wellbeing industry with more than 20 years of diverse experience in coaching, education, consulting, speaking, program management, and business development. She has been influential in shifting the corporate wellness paradigm away from the conventional outside-in, “wellness or else” model towards a more holistic, inside-out approach.  

Rebecca currently serves as the Director of Wellness Services for Corporate Fitness Works, where she oversees the implementation of a new paradigm model that fuses the best of employee wellbeing and cultural transformation.

Plus Guest Speakers

Check back for more guest speakers as they are announced!

Jeff Tippett, speaker, author, and entrepreneur, will teach us about the power of persuasive communications.

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