Maximizing Your Potential

Strength Assessments

Enhance your career well-being with research-based assessments. Our team at Redesigning Wellness can facilitate The Reflected Best Self Exercise™ (RBSE) and the CliftonStrengths Assessment for you, your leaders, or your employees.

Assessments We Facilitate

Reflected Best Self Exercise™ (RBSE)

This unique assessment is based on research from the University of Michigan’s Center for Positive Organizations. Discover your strongest traits by gathering feedback from the people in your life about your best moments. 

When we facilitate your RBSE, we help you uncover your greatest assets and learn how to use your strengths to their greatest advantage. Learn more about the RBSE from the Harvard Business Review.

CliftonStrengths Assessment

CliftonStrengths is a one-hour self-assessment that helps you determine your unique blend of skills. Find out your personal combination of Clifton’s 34 strength themes across the domains of Strategic Thinking, Influence Building, Influencing, and Executing. 

We partner with Dawn Sander of DPS Leadership to bring you this service.