Author: Karen Mastroianni

Author: Karen Mastroianni

Pro-Social Skills: Just for the Sandbox?

In November 2015 the American Journal of Public Health published studies indicating that such social skills as cooperation, kindness and empathy are keys to succeeding

Is Your Workplace Psychologically Safe?

Innovation and engagement are highly sought in today’s workplace. These are the modern organization’s equivalent to the alchemist “philosopher’s stone” that could turn base metal

Blood Pressure: The Lower the Better

The National Institute of Health halted the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (Sprint) because the results were clear.  At a sustained systolic reading (top number)

The Impact of Stories on Company Culture

What stories are being told about the leadership and culture at your organization?  Stories are based on employee experiences and influence ‘like’ behavior.  This can

Losing Weight Getting Tougher

A study from York University published March 2015 in the Obesity Research & Clinical Practice Journal found that over the past 4 decades adult Americans