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234: An Update After a Year-Long Break

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It’s been over a year since host, Jen Arnold, decided to take a break from the Redesigning Wellness podcast. In this episode, Jen walks you through what’s in store for the podcast and her thoughts on where we are today (and where we’re not) with organizational wellbeing. She also reveals a new product she’s just released and unveils where her and her family settled down after almost two years of RV travel. Plus, she answers the questions she gets most often about the transition from full time RV life to living in a (stationary) house.

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Full Bio:

Jen Arnold is a podcast host, Tedx speaker, and CEO of Redesigning Wellness. She’s on a mission to change the common approach to organizational wellbeing through training, speaking and honest conversations. For the 16 years prior to starting her own business, Jen led organizational health and wellness efforts and advised employers how to start them.