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233: Taking a Break from Podcasting with Jen Arnold, CEO of Redesigning Wellness

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Host Jen Arnold began the Redesigning Wellness Podcast in 2016, fresh out of the corporate workforce and eager to learn and dissect the multitude of aspects affecting employee wellness. Back then, she had fewer clients, much more free time, and one fewer kid at home. 

After a bit of soul searching and careful deliberation, Jen’s decided that she needs some space from the podcast to assess if she misses it, or if it’s time to move on. 

In this episode, podcast host Jen Arnold explains her decision to take a break from the podcast, a few of the reasons behind her careful consideration, and offers a heartfelt thanks to longtime listeners who have accompanied her on this journey.

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Jen Arnold is a podcast host, Tedx speaker, and CEO of Redesigning Wellness. She’s on a mission to change the common approach to organizational wellbeing through training, speaking and honest conversations. For the 16 years prior to starting her own business, Jen led organizational health and wellness efforts and advised employers how to start them.

When Jen’s not interviewing experts on organizational wellbeing, creating wellness initiatives for employers, or coming up with engaging trainings, she’s traveling around the U.S. in an RV. In April 2020, Jen and her family sold their house in Raleigh, NC and now live on a home on wheels with their two kids and 100 pound Golden Retriever. Just ask Jen where she is right now!