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228: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone with Ray Richards, CEO and Founder of Do Something Different

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Psychologists believe that we spend over 80% of our lives on autopilot. We all know how hard it can be to step out of our comfort zones. What would life be like if we dared to do something different? This is the central question that today’s guest, Ray Richards, CEO and Founder of Do Something Different, hopes to encourage others to answer.

Ray Richards is also the host of the podcast Life Done and creator of the FLEX app, having dedicated the last 30 years to exploring work, play, and behavioral flexibility. 

In this episode, Ray explains the Do Something Different approach, including obstacles to getting out of your comfort zone and the downfall of the smart goals approach. He discusses how organizations can start to behave differently and how wellness integrates into the movement. Finally, Ray leaves wellness professionals with a tangible tip on how to start shirking the status quo.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [5:54] The Do Something Different approach
  • [6:51] Obstacles to doing something different
  • [14:11] Can organizations “do something different”?
  • [18:10] Smart goals
  • [22:18] Integrating wellness into Do Something Different
  • [24:57] Behavioral flexibility and authenticity
  • [31:15] Inclusion
  • [40:32] Ray’s tangible tip
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Full Bio:

Ray Richards is a conscious entrepreneur. He is a founder of Do Something Different, a host of the podcast and has created the FLEX app for anyone who wants to explore the edge of their comfort zone.

He has spent the last 30 years exploring work and play in an attempt to merge the two. A right-brain innovator with increasing respect for left-brain order, he believes we can all benefit from an increased dialogue between the two.    

He has been known to say:

“Life is the game of all games, the game of winning and losing, of the known and the unknown, of learning to play with fire.”