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224: Wellness 2.0 with Scott Dinwiddie

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Wellness isn’t so much a healthcare problem as a matter of psychological needs fulfillment, according to today’s podcast guest Scott Dinwiddie. He believes organizations need to start looking at wellness as a problem related to value creation rather than downside costs.

Scott Dinwiddie, corporate wellbeing strategist and self professed employee experience evangelist, is an independent consultant with nearly a decade of experience building better, more effective wellness programs.

In this episode, Scott offers his unique definition of wellness as well as the 4 rules that make up what he calls Wellness 2.0. He takes a deeper dive on these rules, discussing how to connect to the employee voice during the restrictions of the pandemic and how to gain traction and collaboration on addressing problems with the employee experience. Lastly, he leaves listeners with a tangible tip.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [8:09] Scott’s path in wellness
  • [11:46] Discontentment with outcomes focused clients
  • [16:24] Scott’s definition of wellness
  • [24:38] Wellness 2.0
  • [35:39] The 4 rules of Wellness 2.0
  • [45:16] Connecting to the voice of the employee during the pandemic
  • [51:11] Gaining traction and collaboration with employee experience needs
  • [55:43] Scott’s tangible tip
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Full Bio:

Scott Dinwiddie is an independent consultant with nearly a decade of experience conspiring with employers and vendors to build better wellness programs. Scott’s recent work has focused on the Employee Experience, the emerging new operating model for HR that promises to redefine and revitalize the discipline of corporate wellness.