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221: 2020 End of Year Wellness Wrap-up with Jen Arnold and Bob Merberg, Principal Consultant at Jozito

Jen & Bob

Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through 2020! It’s time for Jen’s annual wellness wrap-up with colleague Bob Merberg, Principal Consultant at Jozito. A year like this one definitely needs a debrief to look at how the industry coped and pivoted through a year fraught with uncertainty and tumult. 

In this episode, Jen and Bob recap how they personally fared in 2020 along with their opinions on the high notes and challenges that the industry at large experienced. They touch on essential wellness topics highlighted this year, such as the conversation on diversity in wellness, the importance of employee mental health offerings, and the effect of virtual learning on parent’s work and wellness. 

Finally, they discuss what’s next for each of them in 2021, and their hopes for the wellness industry moving forward.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [6:41] Bob’s and Jen’s personal 2020 recap
  • [16:45] Wellness high notes this year
  • [21:56] The diversity in wellness conversation in 2020
  • [28:16] Companies cutting wellness due to finances
  • [34:19] Virtual learning and the effect on workplaces and wellness
  • [40:11] Final 2020 reflections and looking toward 2021
  • [52:14] Bob’s plans for 2021
  • [59:06] Jen’s plans for 2021
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Full Bio:

Jen Arnold is a podcast host, Tedx speaker, and CEO of Redesigning Wellness. She’s on a mission to change the common approach to organizational wellbeing through training, speaking and honest conversations. For the 16 years prior to starting her own business, Jen led organizational health and wellness efforts and advised employers how to start them.

When Jen’s not interviewing experts on organizational wellbeing, creating wellness initiatives for employers, or coming up with engaging trainings, she’s traveling around the U.S. in an RV. In April 2020, Jen and her family sold their house in Raleigh, NC and now live on a home on wheels with their two kids and 100 pound Golden Retriever. Just ask Jen where she is right now!

After 25+ years leading some of the most highly acclaimed employee well-being programs in the US, Bob Merberg — through his consultancy, Jozito LLC — provides no-nonsense solutions to achieve superior business outcomes via workforce wellbeing and mental health advocacy. As announced in this podcast episode, Bob is introducing Mental Health First Aid training as a centerpiece of his practice.

Bob’s work has consistently emphasized employee mental health, launching in 2007 the first-ever employee happiness program based on positive psychology, managing innovative Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partnerships, and serving as trusted advisor to companies seeking to improve employee mental health support and services. 

Bob has earned academic certificates in Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, Return-on-Investment of a Happier Workforce, People Analytics, and the Future of Work, and is certified by the National Council on Behavioral Health to teach Mental Health First Aid.

He has presented a popular webinar spotlighting employee mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic; authored the seminal whitepaper on Emotional Well-being and Organizational Performance; and played a lead role in development of Health Enhancement Systems’ standout emotional well-being campaign.   

Bob is a graduate of the Coach U Training program — which includes 24 months of extensive study (200 hours of class) via the leading provider of global coach training programs — and was a founding faculty member of Wellcoaches.