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219: A Battle-Tested Leadership Process with Errol Doebler, Founder of Leader 193

Errol Doebler

The stress and anxiety increase among employees as a result of COVID has required emotionally connected leadership, leaving many leaders wondering how to accomplish this while maintaining accountability. Today’s guest, Errol Doebler, founder of Leader 193, has developed a leadership training process that hinges on emotional awareness to identify and change culture in an organization.

Having served in both the Navy SEALs and the FBI, Errol Doebler is no stranger to both excellent and poor leadership. His experience has culminated in the founding of the leadership consulting firm Leader 193 as well as writing his book The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Confidence and Clarity in Combat, in the Boardroom, and at the Kitchen Table.

In this episode, Errol discusses his experience in both the Navy SEALs and the FBI that lead him to leadership consulting. He explores some of the factors behind bad leadership and briefly explains his leadership process.

Errol talks about the importance of getting to the underlying aspects of stress and how the Wim Hof Method can help. He touches on the awareness needed to identify current company culture and how to create guidelines for behavior in order to change it. 

Finally, Errol discusses the drawbacks to multitasking and leaves wellness professionals with a tangible tip on how to enhance the leadership conversation within their organization.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [8:10] Origins of the name Leader 193
  • [9:53] Experiences with leadership in the Seal Team and the FBI 
  • [13:14] The factors behind bad leadership
  • [21:04] Errol’s process
  • [30:00] Getting to the underlying aspects of stress
  • [36:00] The Wim Hof Method
  • [40:39] Identifying and changing culture
  • [53:24] Limiting guidelines for behavior
  • [1:01:52] Convincing leaders not to multitask
  • [1:09:07] Errol’s tip for wellness professionals
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Full Bio:

Errol Doebler is a 1991 Graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. During his time as a Naval Officer, Errol served as Assistant Operations Officer onboard the USS Monongahela, Assistant Platoon Commander at SEAL Team FOUR, and a Platoon Commander at Seal Team ONE.

After spending time in the private sector as a sales leader, Errol joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he investigated International Terrorist Organizations out of the FBI’s flagship office in New York City and also served as a member of the FBI’s New York SWAT Team. Because of his background and experience, Errol was attached to the United States Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment while serving as a Special Agent for the FBI. While deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 with the 75th Ranger Regiment, Errol participated in extensive combat operations and was subsequently presented with the FBI’s second highest award for valor, the Shield of Bravery, for his actions on the battlefield.

Errol left the FBI after 13 years of service to begin his leadership consulting firm, Leader 193, in 2016. Errol has worked with executives and teams from Fortune 100 companies, professional sports organizations, small technical startups, and individual executives across a vast array of industries around the world as the Founder of Leader 193.

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