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218: Taking Care of our Teachers with Tyecia Powell, Consultant, NonProfit Wellness

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It’s no secret that teachers are one group that have borne a great deal of the weight of the pandemic, and as such their wellbeing has been impacted immeasurably. Concerns over the health and safety of their own families as well as the wellbeing of their students have resulted in an astounding amount of pressure, stress, and burnout. 

Today’s guest, Tyecia Powell, wellness coach and consultant for Nonprofit Wellness and Sojourner Truth PCS, gives us an inside perspective on what educators are dealing with and how they are coping.

In this episode, Tyecia discusses a bit of her 15 year background in the education sector, including the parts that she loved and the things that lead to her eventual burnout. She explains some of the challenges teachers are facing both pre and post COVID as well as how administrators, parents, and other teachers can offer support.

Lastly, Tyecia touches on necessary teacher self-care and leaves wellness professionals in the educational sphere with a tangible tip on how they can help alleviate stress.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [5:24] Tyecia’s background as an educator
  • [9:41] Aspects of teaching that Tyecia loved
  • [12:38] Challenges Tyecia faced in the education system
  • [17:47] Challenges teachers face pre and post COVID
  • [25:24] Wellness issues for teachers as a result of COVID
  • [28:05] How administrators can help teachers during this time
  • [30:11] What parents can do to support teachers
  • [32:28] Tips for teachers to maintain self-care during this time
  • [36:14] Tangible tips for wellness professionals to support teachers
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Full Bio:

Tyecia “Ty” Powell is a consultant with NonProfit Wellness, a Director at a local DC/MD Yoga Studio, and a Wellness Coach for Sojourner Truth PCS. She co-leads wellness trainings for teams who are working to change the world with her partner Susan Comfort. Tyecia has spent 15 years in the education sector, leading as a teacher, an instructional coach and with an alternative certification program.

She is a trained Pilates, CPR, and Mental Health & Wellness Instructor. Tyecia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English & Education (UMBC), a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership (Valdosta State), a Specialist Degree in Leadership (Walden University), and is currently working on her Educational Doctorate in Leadership & Management (St. Thomas University).