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217: Wellness in 2021: Turning Obstacles into Opportunity with Jen Arnold

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2020 has presented an abundance of obstacles, but have you noticed the opportunities? In this webinar turned podcast, host Jen Arnold highlights some of the essential skills wellness and HR professionals need while planning for 2021 and how you, too, can develop and strengthen them.

In this episode, Jen takes listeners through practicing acceptance, building agility, and staying relevant despite the changing demands of the post COVID workforce. She highlights opportunities that can be found in situations you might currently see as obstacles and explains the importance of understanding organizational objectives to continue showing your value. 

Lastly, Jen shares a more in depth view of the Redesigning Wellness Academy and how it has energized and revolutionized the perspectives of academy graduates.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [12:43] Obstacles faced in 2020
  • [17:12] Practicing acceptance and dropping resistance
  • [24:43] The opportunities in going virtual
  • [30:18] Becoming more agile
  • [34:38] Staying relevant during COVID
  • [38:29] Engagement strategies
  • [44:15] Showing your value as a wellness pro by understanding organization objectives
  • [54:35] Redesigning Wellness Academy
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Full Bio:

Jen Arnold is a podcast host, Tedx speaker, and CEO of Redesigning Wellness. She’s on a mission to change the common approach to organizational wellbeing through training, speaking and honest conversations. For the 16 years prior to starting her own business, Jen led organizational health and wellness efforts and advised employers how to start them.

When Jen’s not interviewing experts on organizational wellbeing, creating wellness initiatives for employers, or coming up with engaging trainings, she’s traveling around the U.S. in an RV. In April 2020, Jen and her family sold their house in Raleigh, NC and now live on a home on wheels with their two kids and 100 pound Golden Retriever. Just ask Jen where she is right now!