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215: Examining 2020 Wellness Trends with Joe Miller, President of Shortlister

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Finding the ideal vendor can be a stressful and time consuming process for HR and wellness professionals, especially as vendor needs continue to change with the volatile climate of 2020. Today’s guest, Joe Miller, President and Co-founder of Shortlister, returns to the podcast with some new and improved tools and tips to make the process easier, as well as insight into recent wellness trends based on vendor searches.

In this episode, Joe briefly discusses the expansion and name change of Shortlister, the biggest wellness trends he’s seen this year in light of the pandemic, and his predictions for 2021. He shares the direction Shortlister is headed in, when people can expect Shortlister’s Annual Trends Report, and lastly a few tangible tips on choosing vendors for wellness and HR professionals.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [6:40] The expansion of Shortlister
  • [12:49] Biggest wellness trends post COVID as seen through vendor searches
  • [28:44] Joe’s predictions for 2021
  • [34:41] The direction Shortlister is heading in
  • [41:53] Tips for wellness and HR professionals on choosing vendors
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Full Bio:

Joe is the President and co-founder of Shortlister, the top site to find and select vendors in the wellness, HR technology and benefits space.  Joe has spent the last 17 years building innovative and disruptive programs in the human capital space.  Prior to his current roles, he was co-founder and Managing Director of a mid-market wellness provider in the Midwest.  When he isn’t working, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and two boys.