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214: Creating a Culture of Mental Health Awareness with Darrell Moon, Founder of Orriant

Darrell Moon

Addressing workforce mental and emotional health is a wellness strategy many organizations have been hesitant to embrace. However, with the emergence of the pandemic, mental health offerings have become increasingly necessary to address employee needs. Today’s guest, Darrell Moon, founder of Orriant, has discovered that managing population mental health can translate into spending far less on medical claims.

With more than 10 years of experience running psychiatric and medical hospitals across the country, Darrell Moon now applies his expertise as a speaker, CEO consultant, Healthcare Innovation Specialist, Forbes Business Council Member, and Forbes Leadership Contributor.

In this episode, Darrell discusses strategies that work in managing population mental health as well as practices that are less helpful. He offers tips on creating a culture of mental health awareness in the workplace and what barriers he believes make companies unwilling to address mental health. 

Darrell shares a few strategies for proactively engaging employees with resources and how wellness professionals can make the case for mental health management to executives. Lastly, he leaves listeners with a tangible tip on helping people change behaviors.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [6:55] What works in managing population mental health
  • [10:29] Effective treatment strategies for inpatient mental health through the lens of adolescent care
  • [15:18] Mental Health practices that are less helpful
  • [19:00] Tips on creating a culture of mental health awareness in the workplace
  • [21:44] Barriers resulting in companies being unwilling to address mental health
  • [27:24] Tips and strategies to proactively engage employees in mental health resources
  • [34:46] Considerations for wellness professionals making the case for mental health support to upper management
  • [37:59] Darrell’s tangible tip
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Full Bio:

Darrell founded Orriant in 1996 to change the dynamics of healthcare and give employers some control over the ever increasing costs of the healthcare benefits they offer their employees. Darrell believed that engaging individuals in the management of their own health was a key that had to be inserted back into the economic equation of healthcare.

Darrell received both his Bachelor of Science in Finance and his Master of Healthcare Administration from Brigham Young University. As the CEO, COO, or CFO, Darrell managed medical and psychiatric hospitals throughout the country for over 10 years prior to creating Orriant. He also has more than a decade of experience managing insurance and managed care products. Darrell is a Forbes Leadership Contributor.