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213: Small Business Survival with Maggie Gough, Founder of Realize Wellbeing and Kevin McAlister, Founder of Lift Your Wellbeing

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Among the people hit hardest by the emergence of the pandemic, small business owners are at the top. With trainings and conferences cancelled, in person meetings inadvisable, and both personal and corporate budgets locked down, many entrepreneurs were immediately thrown into survival mode. 

Today’s guests, Maggie Gough, founder of Realize Wellbeing, and Kevin McAlister, founder of Lift Your Wellbeing, offer an inside look at how small business owners in the corporate wellness industry have been surviving this potentially devastating disruption.

In this episode, Maggie and Kevin share their initial reactions to COVID and the business pivots they had no choice but to make. They discuss how they were able to deal with the grief and nervousness surrounding these changes and what “aha” moments the pandemic has provided. 

Both guests give their insight into looking ahead at 2021 and offer tangible tips for business owners on getting through.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [7:14] Initial reactions to COVID and the resulting pivot
  • [23:19] Offerings that weren’t successful
  • [37:32] Dealing with the nervousness around pivoting your business
  • [39:38] “Aha” moments as a result of quarantine
  • [44:25] Looking ahead to 2021
  • [50:41] Tangible tips for business owners
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Full Bio:

With 15 years in the wellness industry, and experience from just about every lens – from inside a large employer, to a consultant for a screening company, and finally as an entrepreneur and coach, Maggie is creating meaningful change with a revolutionary approach to wellbeing. She helps industry professionals and individual clients pursue wellbeing by amplifying your joy, connection, & self care.

Kev is a London-based, Aussie-founder of Lift Your Wellbeing.

Having spent a number of years working in a large professional setting as a Chartered Accountant Kev felt the employee experience and demands of the modern workplace gave very little consideration to the health and happiness of the hard-working people within these teams. So, he re-trained as a personal trainer and set out to do something about.

Lift Your Wellbeing’s approach has evolved to consist of virtual fitness classes, community WhatsApp groups and weekly wellbeing themes.

We bring together teammates and encourage positive behavioural changes through a holistic approach to wellbeing.  We are different in that we aim to be a constant presence within our client’s teams, this allows us to build trusting relationships and genuinely support the mental health and wellbeing of people when they need it most.  Kev jokes that If we get invited to a client’s Christmas party, then there’s a good chance we’ve done a good job.