The Redesigning Wellness Podcast

212: Wellness Strategy & Planning During Uncertain Times with Maddison Bezdicek, Health Strategies Practice Leader and Vicki Roy, Senior Health Strategist

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If 2020 has taught wellness professionals anything, it’s that flexibility and creativity are key. Now, looking toward 2021 and the uncertainty surrounding COVID and returning to the office, today’s guests are putting those skills to use.

Maddison Bezdicek, Health Strategies Practice Leader at Hylant, and Vicki Roy, Senior Health Strategist at Hylant, offer an inside look at how wellness consultants handled the sudden pivot required at the start of the pandemic, what strategies they’ve used since to support their clients, and how the Redesigning Wellness Academy helped them along the way.

In this episode, Maddison and Vicki share both personal and professional reactions to COVID, which resources they presented that were successful and unsuccessful, and what they implemented from their time with the Redesigning Wellness Academy. They discuss how they’re approaching planning for 2021 and offer a few outstanding tips for wellness professionals to stay afloat during uncertain and stressful times.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [6:45] Personal and professional reactions to COVID
  • [11:11] Successful resources offered to employees during COVID
  • [16:44] COVID resources offered that were less successful
  • [19:30] Implementations from the Redesigning Wellness Academy
  • [23:54] How Vicki and Maddison are approaching 2021 planning
  • [32:28] How financial wellness fits in
  • [34:22] Tangible tips for wellness professionals
  • [39:35] One skill that you’ve strengthened or relied on during COVID
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Full Bio:

As the practice leader, Maddison supports the health strategies team through mentorship in professional growth and development, technical skills training and well-being strategy execution to ensure Hylant offers innovative and strategic solutions to our clients. Maddison also works with Hylant clients to provide customized strategies based on each organization’s unique population needs and business priorities through targeting the many dimensions of employee well-being, aligning business and human capital strategies, and building a supportive culture of health within the organization.

Maddison is currently a member of the Healthy Business Council of Ohio (HBOC) and a WELCOA (Wellness Council of America) faculty member.

Maddison earned her bachelor?s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and a master’s degree in health, physical activity & chronic disease from the University of Pittsburgh. She also maintains a life & health insurance license and is a Thriving Workplace Culture Consultant and Certified Workplace Wellness Compliance Professional.

As a Health Strategist, Vicki provides wellness leadership to Hylant clients and assists with the development and execution of thoughtful health and wellness strategies. She partners with clients to target the many dimensions of employee well-being, align wellness and benefit strategies, and help build a supportive culture of wellness at the worksite.

Vicki works to provide a solution customized specifically to each company and their employees’ unique needs. She is the past chair of the JAX Chamber Health Council Membership Committee and the Jacksonville Association of Health Underwriters Membership Committee, where she served on both association’s Board of Directors. She is a member of First Coast Worksite Wellness Council, National Wellness Institute and WELCOA and an alumni of World Golf Village Toastmasters Club.

Vicki earned a bachelor?s degree from Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, Georgia. She holds a 440 customer service license and is a licensed health and life agent. Vicki also earned her Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist Certification through the National Wellness Institute and Faculty Status through WELCOA.