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209: Creating an Environment of Capacity with Rana DeBoer, Chief Culture Officer, City of Sioux Falls

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It’s no secret that wellness and workplace culture are inextricably linked. Today’s guest, Rana DeBoer, Chief Culture Officer for the City of Sioux Falls proves that the career avenues available to wellness professionals are expanding.

Serving for almost 13 years as the city’s Work Well Manager, Rana accepted the position as Chief Culture Officer in Sioux Falls in January of 2020. She is also the Founder of Create Energy, where she supports business leaders to generate new thinking so they can embrace a culture of empowering energy.

In this episode, Rana explains what her role as Chief Culture Officer entails and the importance of the role in an organization. She offers an example of a day in her schedule and highlights both what she is most proud of accomplishing in the position and her top challenges.

Rana briefly discusses her previous position and what has prepared her for this role and shares the most exciting thing she’s currently working on. Lastly, she leaves wellness professionals with a few tangible tips.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [5:47] Rana’s Chief Culture Officer – what it entails
  • [13:08] Why is this role important in an organization?
  • [16:10] A day in Rana’s schedule
  • [22:13] What Rana is most proud of accomplishing
  • [24:37] Rana’s top challenges
  • [30:13] What prepared Rana for this role
  • [34:44] The most interesting thing Rana is working on currently
Mentioned in this episode:
Full Bio:

Rana serves as the Chief Culture Officer for the City of Sioux Falls in her full-time career, and also serves as founder and President for her personal consulting business, Create Energy.  Through a sundry of career experiences including coaching college athletics, managing a hospital-based corporate health services department, to being an administrator for well-being, risk, and talent at the local municipal level, Rana is taking her masters degree in health and human performance to a new level. 

Embracing the term “career well-being” by Tom Rath, she has gained certifications in Integrated Leadership, Intrinsic Leadership Coach, Peak Leader Performance, and more.  Her vigor for connecting personal capacity to leadership impact has gained her street credibility at the business executive level. 

Rana is sought after for her ability to listen thoroughly and carefully align the passions in people with purposeful strategy to boost human performance and advance organizational outcomes, with inspiring energy.  Her trusted knowledge and power to enthuse will quickly impassion you to invest in the energy of your people — for lives and careers that matter!

You can reach her at: 

(605) 367-8030;  (605) 351-3363