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204: Reducing Anxiety in the Workplace (in Response to COVID-19) with Dr. Ashley Solomon, Founder of Galia Collaborative

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With COVID numbers rising, businesses returning to the office, kids returning to school, it should be no surprise that anxiety abounds in your workforce. Along with anxiety,  comes many hurdles to productivity in the workplace, from assuming the worst, inflexible thinking, and less commitment to the organization. What can your company do to lower employee anxiety?

Today’s guest, Ashley Solomon, founder of Galia Collaborative and a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of anxiety and stress, has a few tips for managing and responding to the increased anxiety of these uncertain times.

In this episode, Ashley differentiates between anxiety and stress and discusses the increasing disparity of these emotions between genders based on common family roles. She shares some facts employers should know about anxiety, common missteps that can make employees more anxious, and a few tips to minimize these feelings in the workplace.

Lastly, she offers tangible tips to both wellness professionals trying to reduce anxiety and stress in the communities they serve and to individuals currently struggling.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [5:37] The uncertain state of the world and how it’s affecting mental health
  • [7:30] Defining anxiety and stress
  • [13:00] The anxiety disparity between genders
  • [17:48] What employers should know about anxiety
  • [21:28] Missteps employers make that heighten employee anxiety
  • [27:45] Things for employers to consider to lessen anxiety in the workplace
  • [32:26] A tangible tip for wellness professionals to help reduce anxiety in employees
  • [34:33] A tangible tip for those struggling with anxiety
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Full Bio:

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of Galia Collaborative, an organization that empowers purpose-driven women to elevate their impact by developing their mental strength and well-being. Dr. Solomon is a nationally-recognized expert in the treatment of anxiety, stress, and eating concerns. She serves organizations and individuals through therapy, coaching, and programs and is dedicated to supporting women through challenge points in their lives.

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Instagram: www.instagram/galiacollaborative