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192: The Causes of Leadership Breakdowns with Eric Kaufmann, President and Founder of Sagatica

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HEADSHOT_Eric Kauffman_Beverly Hills Publishing_Final as of March 12, 2020

As technology accelerates the shifting of corporate America and culture at large, leaders find themselves with less and less time to regroup and recenter themselves – making leadership breakdowns increasingly likely. Eric Kaufmann, founder of Sagatica, returns to discuss the top ten mistakes that cause a leader to break down and how to avoid them.

Eric Kaufmann has been coaching and training leaders and executives on how to think more creatively, decide more effectively, and relate more wholeheartedly for more than 20 years. His clients include industry giants like Verizon, Sony, Petco, Facebook, and Navitas Organics to name a few. The publishing of his latest book, Leadership Breakdown, makes him a three time author as well as an official thought leader at Harvard’s Institute of Coaching and TedX speaker.

In this episode, Eric discusses what inspired him to write his third book and why he believes leadership breakdowns are accelerating. He explains what he believes makes a life worth living and the common pitfall leaders experience of losing themselves in performance and results.

Eric takes a deeper look at a few of the top ten mistakes that lead to breakdowns and leaves us with a tangible tip we can use to awaken our personal power. Listen in to become the executive and author of your own life!

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [7:42] What inspired Eric to write his third book, Leadership Breakdown
  • [9:10] The acceleration of leadership breakdowns
  • [14:34] What Eric considers a life worth living
  • [16:50] Losing yourself in performance and results
  • [22:17] The danger of separating your soul from your role as a leader
  • [30:27] Using meditation to understand ego and manage stress
  • [35:05] Under-communication 
  • [42:17] Avoiding conflict 
  • [47:17] Eric’s tangible tip
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Full Bio:

Eric is a rare and exotic creature who is both brilliant at business while also deeply grounded from over thirty years of Zen training and practice. Mentoring high-minded CEOs and leading executive retreat, Eric guides executives through financial, relationship, and life changes, growth, and crises. He has discovered that it is always an internal breakthrough that reverse a breakdown or lead to a solution. 

The higher success an individual achieves, the fewer options there are to find mentorship on the levels that matter most. Eric is known as a hidden jewel in Silicon Valley and Fortune 1000 executives who share endless success stories of how they reached what they thought was their edge of achievement, only to discover Eric's guidance as a way to unlock their true, hidden potential.

Eric discovered his real passion for cultivating leaders and has been seeking to bring the best out of executives – as leaders and people – for twenty years. Rather than sustaining his path of functional responsibility, he looked around and saw where he could make the greatest contribution. He found his niche by combining an unrelenting commitment to results with an unyielding regard for spirit. He leverages his passion and expertise to guide C-Suite leaders to higher achievements and deeper meaning in life.

Eric is the author of Four Virtues of a Leader. He’s also a Fellow and an official Thought Leader at Harvard’s Institute of Coaching, a former Vistage Chair and Speaker, and a speaker for TEDx.

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