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182: Creating Change through Context with Norman Wolfe, Founder of Quantum Leaders

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Organizations are much more like living bodies than the well-oiled machines that we so often imagine them to be. Helping leaders understand and utilize this difference is the life goal of today’s guest, Norman Wolfe, founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders.

In his book The Living Organization, Norman draws on his 30 plus years of consulting and mentoring leaders to explain the core principles of how the world works and how it can be applied in businesses to create extraordinary impact and unleash the power of the human spirit.

In this episode, Norman explains how his living organization model was born and gives us a walkthrough of its principles including the three fields of energy (activity, relationship, and context) and how the interaction of these three fields make up Wolfe’s Law. 

He takes a deeper dive through his thoughts on context and leverage, and how shifting the context is the key to making wellness an inextricable part of the organization rather than a non-essential add on. Lastly, he leaves wellness professionals with a tangible tip to start utilizing his model.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [7:47] How Norman’s living organization model began
  • [12:56] The living organization model 
  • [17:16] Three fields of energy and Wolfe’s Law
  • [25:38] Capability and maturity of employees as it affects the capacity of the organization
  • [39:13] The many layers of context
  • [55:48] Building a team vs. building a community
  • [1:00:07] Shifting the context within wellness
  • [1:05:17] Norman’s tangible tip
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Full Bio:

Norman Wolfe is founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders, a strategic consulting company transforming the core paradigm of business to unleash the power of the human spirit.

As an executive and leader, and coach and consultant to many other leaders, one question dominated his thinking; “why do we get the results we get and how can we get the results we want?”

Drawing from a variety of disciplines, his book The Living Organization, is an amalgamation and refinement of the core principles of how the world works, applying it to how businesses can create extraordinary impact for organizations and individuals. He’s applied his model to a wide range of challenges in sales/marketing, engineering, operations, finance, IT and HR, with great success.

He is a 15-year veteran of Hewlett Packard, lead companies large and small, been a public company director, and has over 30 years consulting and mentoring leaders in a wide range of industries.

Norman received his degree in mathematics from New York University, is a CCE Board Certified Coach and is an ordained Interfaith Minister.

Norman lives in Vancouver, WA with his wife Jane and together they continue to work with a few select organizations as he promotes and expands The Living Organization® model’s approach and tools for organization and individual success.

Check him out at: