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179: Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety with Dr. Timothy Clark, founder and CEO of LeaderFactor

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Psychological safety is an absolute necessity in order to have innovative, high achieving teams. According to today’s guest, Dr. Timothy Clark, founder and CEO of LeaderFactor, a team’s leader is the cornerstone in creating and fostering this multifaceted safety within its culture.

Tim is a global expert in the fields of senior executive development, strategy acceleration, and organizational change. He is a decorated author, with five published books and more than 150 articles pertaining to these subjects. He has served as CEO of multiple companies, making him a highly sought after coach, advisor, and facilitator to senior leadership teams.

In this episode, Tim defines psychological safety in new terms and why it is so integral to high functioning teams. He shares multiple examples both of teams and leaders experiencing this safety and suffering from its absence. 

Tim walks us through his four steps of psychological safety: inclusion safety, learner safety, contributor safety, and challenger safety, explaining how each level promotes innovation and achievement more than the last. He also delves into the difficulties leaders may have in building this culture, and what they can do to advocate change.

Finally, Tim leaves us with tangible tips for both leaders and wellness professionals.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [7:55] Defining psychological safety and why it’s important
  • [10:35] What teams look like with and without psychological safety
  • [16:00] How leaders affect psychological safety
  • [27:10] Stage one: inclusion safety
  • [29:26] Stage two: learner safety
  • [33:37] Stage three: contributor safety
  • [35:54] Stage four: challenger safety
  • [42:46] The difficulty in creating psychological safety
  • [47:10] Tangible tip for managers and for wellness professionals
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Full Bio:

Timothy R. Clark is founder and CEO of LeaderFactor, a consulting, coaching, and training organization. Dr. Clark is an international authority in the fields of psychological safety & innovation, large-scale change & transformation, and senior leadership development. He is the author of Epic Change: How to Lead Change in the Global Age (John Wiley/Jossey Bass), Leadership Bones (Bradmore Road Press),

The Employee Engagement Mindset (McGraw-Hill), Leading with Character and Competence:

Moving Beyond Title, Position, And Authority (Berrett-Koehler). His new book, The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation (Berrett-Koehler) will be released March 2020. He is also the developer of the EQometer emotional intelligence assessment.

Dr. Clark is a highly sought-after advisor, coach, and facilitator to CEOs and senior leadership teams. He has personally coached over 100 CEOs and executives and trained many senior teams around the world. Some of his clients include Accenture, American Express, CIGNA, Columbia University, Disney, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly, Environmental Protection Agency, HCA, Idaho National Laboratory, Honeywell, Intel, Internal Revenue Service, John Hopkins University, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Motorola, NASA, Riverbed Technology, Sprint, Stanford University, U.S. Department of Treasury, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Dr. Clark earned a PhD in social science from Oxford University, and was both a British Research Scholar and a Fulbright Scholar at Seoul National University in Korea. He also earned a master’s degree in Government and economics from the University of Utah. As an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, he was named a first-team Academic All-American football player where he completed a triple degree cum laude.

Dr. Clark was previously President and CEO of Decker, a consulting firm based in San Francisco, and CEO of Novations SDC, a consulting and training firm based in Boston. Prior to these assignments, Dr. Clark spent several years in manufacturing and as a vice president of operations and plant manager at Geneva Steel Company. He began his career as a survey research project director for what is now Harris Interactive in Washington D.C.