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176: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone with Melissa Lucas, Founder, Edge of Your Comfort Zone

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Ever think you want to try something new but stop yourself short of taking action on it? You’re not alone. Doing new things can be scary because it gets us out of our every day (and unconscious) habits and outside of our comfort zone. 

Whether it’s asking for a raise, moving to a new city or trying a new food, stepping out of our comfort zone can lead to personal growth and happiness. According to today’s guest, Melissa Lucas, “doing things that terrify you is where it’s at.”

Melissa, the founder of Edge of Your Comfort Zone, is an accomplished author, speaker, business strategist, and personal coach who has dedicated her life to helping others overcome fear to meet their full potential both personally and professionally. After facing a tragic loss in 2011, she left behind a life of security and comfort filled with things she didn’t love to embark on what she calls her happiness project – a plan to squeeze as much out of life as possible.

In today’s episode, Melissa shares the beginning of her journey, as well as the most important lessons she learned from her hardest year. She discusses the things she often sees getting in the way of others’ happiness – including fear, unconscious programming, and societal standards – and how self-support can be a valuable tool to overcome these obstacles.

Finally, Melissa talks about the best things that came from stepping out of her comfort zone as well as a few things that didn’t go as planned and leaves us with a tangible tip that she hopes you’ll take away from this conversation.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [6:09] The beginning of Melissa’s happiness journey
  • [8:45] The most important lesson learned amidst tragedy
  • [17:43] What Melissa most often sees getting in the way of happiness
  • [22:22] Getting past these obstacles
  • [28:54] Good things that came from Melissa stepping out of her comfort zone
  • [34:16] Things that didn’t go as planned 
  • [38:00] Melissa’s tangible tip
Mentioned in this episode:
Full Bio:

Melissa Lucas is a thought changer that is making waves in the self-help community as both a thought provoking inspiring speaker and author. She talks on the importance of deleting security and comfort to tap into true happiness beyond your comfort zone. Melissa is raw and real in challenging others to step outside their comfort zone and have a life journey that will lead you to a more happy and fulfilling life. 

Professionally, Melissa is a business strategist, personal growth expert, motivational speaker, author, host/producer of Happiness Potential Podcast, Pranayama yoga and meditation instructor, and runs a project called Happiness Potential. She believes we all deserve our best life possible but
we must uncover ourselves to get there. She states that we all have the ability to be happier and more fulfilled but we must make the affirmative choice to get there.

Check her out at: 

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