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175: Marketing Strategies that Increase Wellness Engagement with Benjamin Prinzing, Founder and CEO of Kadalyst

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The roles that branding and marketing play in employee engagement cannot be overstated, but often these are concepts that many wellness professionals overlook. Today’s guest, Benjamin Prinzing, helps companies understand how common marketing principles can be used to promote employee buy-in to wellness initiatives – reducing future healthcare spend and improving employee health.

Benjamin, CEO and founder of Kadalyst and co-founder of, has served as Chair of the American Heart Association’s Annual Wellness Summit since 2013, as well as joining the American Heart Association Board of Directors. He is an accomplished public speaker passionate about helping employers adopt meaningful policies, practices, and programs that support their employees in living healthier and happier lives.

In today’s episode, Benjamin discusses the importance of marketing wellness programs, sharing a few basic marketing principles like the 3 by 3 concept that can be used to increase employee engagement. He provides a few tips for increasing EAP and telemedicine ultilization, as well as how wellness professionals can use video marketing to their advantage. 

Benjamin shares a bit about the main goals of his company Kadalyst, and the reason for shifting to Culturehive from the Worksite Wellness Network. Finally, he leaves us with the tangible tip he most hopes people will start implementing. 

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [8:56] The importance of marketing in successful wellness programs
  • [10:40] Basic marketing principles
  • [20:08] Integrating marketing principles into wellness programs
  • [25:58] Tips to increasing EAP and telemedicine
  • [42:30] Using video marketing is essential in 2020
  • [45:05] The purpose of Kadalyst 
  • [47:00] Shifting to Culturehive
  • [52:50] Benjamin’s tangible tip
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Full Bio:

Benjamin Prinzing, is the founder and CEO of Kadalyst, a health data analytics and employee care management company in Portland, Oregon. Started in 2008, Kadalyst partners with employers across the U.S. to reduce their future healthcare spend, while improving employee health through proactive early interventions and comprehensive worksite wellness programs.

Kadalyst has had the privilege of working with some amazing companies, including some recognizable brands, such as Campbell Soup, Deschutes Brewery, Dave’s Killer Bread and New Seasons Market.

Benjamin’s passion for the wellness industry sparked after a colleague in 2005, passed away due to heart failure at age 38. (His name was Darrell, the “d” in Kadalyst.)

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