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170: 2019 Wellness Wrap-up with Bob Merberg, Principal Consultant at Jozito


Another year has almost passed, which means it’s time for Jen’s annual chat with wellness colleague, Bob Merberg. It’s so easy to forget what happened this year so join Jen and Bob as they chat about what happened in wellness in 2019 and what we can look forward to on the horizon for next year.

Bob Merberg, innovator and founder of consulting company Jozito LLC, has been enhancing employee experience and optimizing business results through wellness for more than 20 years.

He specializes in qualitative and quantitative assessment and analysis of organizational needs, Total Worker Health strategies, and job crafting workshops and consultation. He has been featured multiple times in publications such as HR Executive Magazine, MarketWatch, and Wellbeing Practitioner.

In today’s episode, Jen and Bob discuss the recent Harvard Song study, as well as the 2019 Yale and MIT wellness lawsuits, and other occupational studies done this year. Each weigh in on their opinions and reservations about the year’s three major wellness trends in hot topics – loneliness, burnout, and mental health. They talk about how each of their perspectives have changed a bit in 2019, and what things have them excited for the new year. 

Finally, they each share a podcast recommendation for wellness professionals that they personally have been enjoying and discuss personal goals they’re looking forward to achieving in 2020.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [9:32] Discussing the Harvard Song study
  • [23:48] Yale and MIT Lawsuits
  • [33:00] Food Service and Retail Wellness Studies
  • [41:36] Three Major Trends – Loneliness, Burnout, and Mental Health
  • [1:00:19] How Bob’s and Jen’s perspectives have changed in 2019 and what has them excited
  • [1:17:32] What Bob and Jen are gearing up for in 2020
  • [1:23:34] Recommendations for Wellness Professionals
  • [1:25:17] Personal Goals Bob and Jen are looking forward to achieving
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Full Bio:

Bob Merberg, Principal Consultant of Jozito LLC, is an outspoken voice for achieving better business results by adopting the management practices in which employees thrive.

With more than 25 years of leadership experience in workplace wellness, Bob now helps employers — ranging from medium-sized manufacturing companies to expansive health care systems — achieve their goals using strategies that bolster common purpose, resilience, innovation, and collaboration. Bob advocates solutions that are based on systematic assessment and analytics, integrating all dimensions of the workplace environment with employee experience and wellbeing.

The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism honored Bob as a “Superstar for Employee Empowerment” and a team of industry experts recently recognized him for “Creativity and ability to effect measurable improvements, sustainability, and program outcomes.” His work has been featured in MarketwatchHuman Resource ExecutiveHR MagazineWell-Being Practitioner, and PC Magazine, as well as countless podcasts and webinars.

Bob also helps employers, vendors, and other consultants with content development, R&D, assessment, market intelligence, and strategic planning.