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169: Be Well Lead Well with Renee Moorefield, Cofounder and CEO of Wisdom Works


What comes first, the leader or the wellness professional? According to today’s guest, Renee Moorefield, “a leader is someone who sees themself as stewarding the potential of their team, and that means human wellbeing.” 

Renee Moorefield, co-founder and CEO of Wisdom Works, is uniquely poised to evaluate and strengthen leadership through the lens of wellness. Having started out in the wellness industry as an exercise physiologist, she quickly realized that she had more influence on creating and altering environments for maximum wellness as a formal leader, then later as an executive coach. 

Through Wisdom Works, Renee has trained and advised thousands of leaders and executives striving to elevate human potential, operate from inspired purpose and vision, and achieve wellbeing and internal balance. She is the director of the transformational leadership platform Be Well Lead Well, chair of the Wellness at Work initiative at the Global Wellness Institute, and curator of the Wellness Moonshot, an effort to rid the world of preventable disease.

In today’s episode, Renee discusses the philosophy of Wisdom Works as well as her definition of thriving and how integral a concept it is to leadership and wellness. She shares some of the ways she’s seen executives’ views of wellness changing, especially how she believes leadership and wellness go hand in hand. 

Additionally, she illustrates how important mental wellbeing has become a part of the wellness conversation. Renee explains a bit of the creation process of the Be Well Lead Well Pulse, including its 6 measurable dimensions – thriving, fuel, flow, wonder, wisdom, and thriving amplified. Finally, she shares her biggest hope for wellness professionals.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [7:38] The Wisdom Works Philosophy
  • [13:30] Renee’s definition of thriving
  • [26:41] Renee’s experience of how leaders view wellness and how it is evolving
  • [30:57] Defining a Culture of Wellbeing
  • [36:45] Mental Wellbeing and Leadership
  • [50:11] Creating and explaining the Be Well Lead Well Pulse
  • [58:15] Renee’s biggest wish for wellness professionals
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Full Bio:

Since 1989, Renee Moorefield, PhD, has been a wellbeing leadership pioneer passionate about elevating human potential, vitality and sustainable growth. She is CEO of Wisdom Works, a firm that enhances the readiness and capability of leaders to lead organizations where people thrive. 

As executive coach, educator and expert in personal and workplace transformation, Renee has advised thousands of executives—from Fortune 500 companies to social enterprises—seeking to operate from an inspired purpose and vision, wellbeing and internal balance, plus the forward-leaning leadership capabilities required uplift teams and organizations, families and communities, and our planet. Nike, The Coca-Cola Company, Hyatt, Sainsbury, Cox Automotive, Merck & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, Centura Health, Western Union and a host of not-for-profit organizations are among her clients. 

Renee has been featured in publications ranging from Forbes, Conscious Company, Hotel Executive, CEO Magazine, Experience Life, Coaching World, Spa China, Thrive Global and more. She is Chair of the Wellness at Work initiative at the Global Wellness Institute to bring together thought-leadership for wellbeing in the new world of work and Curator of the Wellness Moonshot, an audacious effort to create a world free of preventable disease.

She is also Director of the transformational leadership platform Be Well Lead Well® to empower leaders to make thriving a game-changer in their teams and organizations, starting with themselves. Her 2004 book Driven by Wellth marries the drive for wealth with wellbeing to cultivate healthier organizations and a well world.

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