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168: From Employees to Entrepreneurs with Maggie Gough, Founder/CEO of Realize Wellbeing

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Whether you feel shoved by the universe or have that insistent excitement in the back of your mind, starting a business is like stepping into completely uncharted territory.  In this episode, Jen and today’s guest, Maggie Gough attempt to give you the lay of the land by sharing their own journeys into entrepreneurship.

Maggie, founder, and CEO of Realize Wellbeing had a rich career in the corporate wellness industry before branching out to start her own business in 2015. She’s on a mission to empower and embolden fellow wellness warriors, who through compassion, connection, and vulnerability, will change the landscape of work culture as we know it. Maggie has become a nationally recognized leader, dedicating her life to helping create workplaces that exude energy and innovation through their vibrant thriving employees. 

In this episode, Jen and Maggie have a candid discussion about entrepreneurship, including why they stepped away from the traditional job market and how their businesses and ideas have evolved over time. They take a look at how exactly their businesses are profitable and what things they might have done differently if they could go back to the beginning. 

They’re honest about the many challenges they’ve faced and continue to face, but also share the things they love about being their own bosses. Finally, they leave you with a few of their top pieces of advice for success if you’re planning to start your journey into entrepreneurship.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [9:50] Why Maggie and Jen decided to start their own businesses
  • [16:53] Where they started on day one and how their businesses have evolved over time
  • [24:00] The reality about consulting
  • [28:02] Where exactly does the money come from?
  • [33:16] Things they might have done differently
  • [39:42] What Maggie and Jen love about being on their own
  • [47:00] Biggest challenges to starting your own business
  • [55:05] Top pieces of advice about going on your own
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Maggie has been a part of the corporate wellness industry for over a decade and she has been a true student of her experiences, a renegade, always challenging how things can be made better. This has launched her into a position of leadership on a local and national level.  If you want the truth, a real, authentic conversation about corporate health she is the person to talk to. 

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