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167: Collaborating for Wellness Success with Alli Cromartie, Global Wellness Leader at Ingersoll Rand

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Serving 50,000 employees in 32 countries with a team of one is a setup that would be enough to make many wellness professionals run the other way. Today’s guest, Alli Cromartie, has risen to this challenge and more, filling in the absence of a wellness team through making relationships and connections with other departments in the company. 

Alli is the Global Wellness Leader at Ingersoll Rand where she oversees programming globally through strategy, design, implementation, and administration of Health Progress – the company’s employee wellbeing program. She serves a diverse population including manufacturing, sales, corporate associates, and distribution. She also recently co-founded the Working Moms Connection and serves on the Consumer Engagement Platform Committee for the Health Transformation Alliance.

In today’s podcast, Alli shares a bit about her background and how she transferred from working for a wellness vendor serving Ingersoll Rand to being employed by the company itself. She discusses some of the job complexities and her strategy of partnering with internal teams by helping connect the dots for why and how they play a part in supporting employee wellness. 

Alli gives us an example of when she met resistance with a department and the skills she used to break down the barriers she experienced, as well as her experience working with Operational Excellence, a department that helped her take a look at her own processes and how to optimize them. 

Alli shares some of her biggest wins, including connecting the wellness ambassador program to development in 2 of the company’s 7 core competency areas, as well as some of the biggest challenges she still faces – like answering the age old ROI questions pertaining to wellness. 

Finally, Alli dissects a few skills both natural and learned that she’s utilized in order to make the connections that have led to her success, and leaves us with a tangible tip on how we can start to experience the same successes.

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Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [14:26] Complexities in Alli’s current role
  • [19:22] Breaking down barriers in a resistant department
  • [23:39] Connecting with Operational Excellence
  • [29:14] How Alli stays connected to the business despite her busy schedule
  • [32:25] Winning competencies for wellness ambassadors
  • [35:16] Current challenges Alli is facing
  • [39:53] Natural and learned skills Alli has used to make connections
  • [44:19] What’s in store for Alli in 2020
  • [51:06] Alli’s tangible tip to move your program forward
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Full Bio:

Alli Cromartie is the Global Wellness Leader at Ingersoll Rand. She is responsible for the strategy, design and growth of the employee well-being initiatives for a diverse population that includes manufacturing, service, sales and corporate associates spanning 63 countries around the globe.

Alli has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Spanish from the University of South Carolina. She serves on the Consumer Engagement Platform Committee for the HTA (Health Transformation Alliance) and the Well-Being and Workforce Strategy Institute with the National Business Group on Health.

At Ingersoll Rand, she is a member of the Women’s Employee Network and recently co-founded the Working Mom Connection, a support group for working moms. Alli lives in Charlotte, NC and enjoys spending time with her husband, Austin, and spunky toddler, Brooklyn.

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