3 Ways you Can Benefit from Redesigning Wellness Academy

You know that post training or conference feeling, when you’re energized and excited to implement all that you’ve learned? That feeling where you’re determined to make changes in your current wellness programs, only to find that your organization or clients you’re working with aren’t quite as excited?

Let’s be real – the shift into the next generation of wellness isn’t an easy one. Not everyone is ready to redesign wellness. Practices like incentives, biomedical models and weight loss programs are deeply ingrained. Even for the wellness professional who knows there needs to be a shift, it’s much easier to stay where you’re (or your organization is) most comfortable and not rock the boat.

Since my mission is to redesign wellness but many aren’t ready for that dramatic of a shift, I started asking myself – what’s the very first step we can take in a forward direction? If there’s been one shift in the wellness industry, it’s that approaching employee health from a strictly physical lens is not only inadequate but can leave out many employees who want or need support in other areas of health. How can we integrate the other areas of wellbeing, like mental health, financial wellness and career wellbeing?

This is one of the reasons why I created my new training, Redesigning Wellness Academy (RWA). First, to create a bridge between more traditional wellness practices and other factors that impact employee wellbeing. You don’t have to make a radical change from where you with your wellness programming. But if you want to be more impactful and effective, wellness does need to start stepping into new directions.

Although most of us are ready to embrace a multi-dimensional approach to wellness, we often don’t know how to implement new strategies that work for our organization. Every organization is different – what works for one doesn’t work for another.

Take mental health for example. There’s not a day there’s not an article about the mental health crisis but how many organizations have at least one (effective) mental health strategy in place? Plus, physical health is great for mental health, so how do you showcase how all of the dimensions are interconnected?

Another driver behind the creation of Redesigning Wellness Academy, is to help wellness professionals influence and maximize our impact in the workplace. It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day work and forget that relationships are crucial to elevating wellness and impacting more lives. We have problems connecting to decision makers and maintaining an effective, persuasive line of communication once the connections are made. That’s a second key focus of RWA– to provide monthly mentoring sessions on these crucial skills.

We’ll provide answers to the questions:

How do you create connection speech?

What are the right questions to ask executives?

Once you get to these meetings, what do you do with all of the information?

We’ll facilitate developing and honing the communication tools needed to get more decision makers to actively champion wellness.

Finally, wellness can be a lonely job. Although some of us are lucky to work with amazing teams, many of us are on an island, wondering if other people are having the same problems. Realizing you’re not alone and having support as you work through your challenges is priceless. That’s why a central theme of RWA is building a judgement free community to support each other, work through obstacles, celebrate successes, and share ideas.

The Academy runs from Jan 15th through July 1st, 2020, which is about 6 months. It seems like a long time, but this was purposeful. Within the training, I want participants to try out what they learn, see what works and doesn’t, then make adjustments. All too often, we enroll in a training, acquire new knowledge, then go back to our busy lives and forget about implementing what we’ve learned. Or, we try something, get pushback, then decide it’s too hard to implement.

Redesigning Wellness Academy is for action takers, people ready and willing to take risks, implement training, and discuss what is working and what isn’t. Ideally, the Academy will give you some confidence to move forward, be happier in your job, and have more impact as a wellness professional.

Registration is now open. A justification document and sample email are available to aid prospective academy members in getting enrollment covered by employers. All of this information and more can be found here.

If you’re looking for a program with a unique depth, a multi-dimensional focus, and a recipe of one part knowledge, one part skill, and one part support – the Redesigning Wellness Academy is for you. Join us!