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163: Unlocking Employee Motivation with Scott Rigby, Founder/CEO of Immersyve, Inc.

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Scott Rigby Headshot

It’s no secret that one of the biggest hurdles in the wellness profession is finding the key to get employees motivated and engaged in our programs. But what if it’s not our job to be the active agent in engagement? Today’s guest, Scott Rigby, believes it’s our job to understand that engagement is their decision. It’s our job to create the experiences and circumstances that are most likely to get them to engage and then stay engaged.

As a behavioral scientist, author, founder of Immersyve Inc., and co-founder of Motivation Works, Scott has dedicated his life to working with both small and large companies to apply behavioral science to improve experiences, wellbeing, and performance among employees. His work encourages companies to use the proven principles of Self Determination Theory to drive greater wellness and engagement and also emphasizes the quantitative measurement of motivation and engagement.

In this episode, Scott takes us into a deeper understanding of Self Determination Theory, our three basic psychological needs, and how we can use these things to drive authentic and lasting motivation and engagement in our clients. He explains the pitfalls of incentives and how they undermine intrinsic motivation. Taking a closer look at intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, he explains how it’s not as black and white as some of the wellness industry believes.

Lastly, he leaves us with a tangible tip and what he believes is one of the most important aspects of motivation.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [6:30] Self Determination Theory overview
  • [8:30] Why the Self Determination Theory has become so relevant
  • [15:33] The three basic psychological needs
  • [25:00] Gamification and how to use it
  • [27:55] Do financial incentives really increase motivation?
  • [35:54] Including relatedness beyond social networks
  • [41:01] A deeper look at intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • [47:05] Helping people find their personal value/motivation
  • [50:06] Scott’s tangible tip
Mentioned in this episode:
Full Bio:

Scott Rigby, Ph.D. is a behavioral scientist, author, and founder/CEO of Immersyve Inc., a company dedicated to applying behavioral science to improve experiences, well-being, and performance. Scott and Immersyve work with both small and large companies on motivational best practices, emphasizing the quantitative measurement of motivation and engagement using proven and actionable models.

Scott is the co-creator of motivationWorks (, an innovative platform to drive greater wellness, performance, and engagement through the proven principles of Self-Determination Theory.

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