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159: Leading Without a Title with Sue Salvemini, Founder and President of Focal Pointe Consulting Group

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As wellness professionals, one thing we’re constantly seeking is a seat at the table. Oftentimes, the path to this seat lies in developing and utilizing our leadership skills. Today’s guest, Sue Salvemini, believes that regardless of how many people we oversee, or what our job title is, we are all leaders. We can universally increase our effectiveness, impact, and ability to influence change with a commitment to 7 key leadership practices.

Sue is the founder and president of Focal Pointe Consulting Group, Inc and has been utilizing her more than 25 years of military and corporate experience to develop leaders, build teams, and launch products and businesses. As an executive coach and speaker, Sue works with individuals and teams to help them embrace their authentic leadership styles to maximize their positive impact on the people and organizations which they serve.

In this interview, Sue gives us insight as well as a few tips from her book, Leadership by Choice. She offers an in-depth look at each of her 7 key practices to help you tap into your own unique leadership style. Sue will have you inspired to step further into your leadership potential and increase your impact and the effectiveness within your organization.

Interview Highlights (with timestamps):
  • [9:51] We are all leaders, regardless of position or title
  • [11:30] Key Practice #1: Value – Why are you doing what you’re doing and what is the value in it?
  • [19:20] Key Practice #2: Vision – Do you really have a clear vision of where you’re trying to go?
  • [23:30] Key Practice #3: Energy – We cannot control most of the things that come into our lives, but we can control our physical and attitudinal energy.
  • [29:35] Key Practice #4: Barriers – Are you being raw and real with what gets in your way and encouraging others to do the same?
  • [30:05] Key Practice #5: Growth – Are you developing? Do you invest in your development? Do you encourage an environment of constant learning?
  • [34:49] Key Practice #6: Praise and Recognition – Are you looking outward with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation?
  • [40:55] Key Practice #7: Listening- The number one resource for direction lies within you.
  • [48:32] Sue’s most important tip/practice
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Full Bio:

Sue Salvemini is the founder and president of Focal Pointe Consulting Group, Inc. a company dedicated to developing exceptional leadership teams and bringing passion and energy into the workplace at every level. With over 25 years of corporate and military experience developing leaders, building teams, launching medical device products and businesses, Sue founded her company to honor her greatest values of leadership and to create a company positioned to empower others to embrace their vision and live their legacy through meaningful work.

Sue’s passion and commitment to leaders and organizations is reflected in her coaching, speaking, workshops, and writing. As an executive coach and speaker, Sue works with individuals and teams, helping them embrace their authentic leadership styles to maximize their positive impact on the people and organizations which they serve. She works with CEOs and Executive Leaders creating customized workshops and programs specifically in alignment with the company vision and mission. Her ability to partner and customize all of her work and programs have yielded a diverse array of clients, including a mix of Fortune 500 companies, ground-level start-up companies, nonprofit organizations, and individual philanthropists and business owners.

Sue holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters of Education in Human Resources and Organizational Change from Boston University. She is an iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) Certified Professional Coach and an ICF (International Coach Federation) Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Sue is a certified Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner and has worked extensively with Myers Briggs™, DISC™, Situational Leadership™, and Patrick Lencioni’s, Five Dysfunctions of a Team models.

Spending her professional career serving as an officer in the United States Army and subsequently in Fortune 500 companies to early-stage medical device start-ups, Sue’s diverse experience in Sales, Marketing and Product Development provides her with an appreciation and understanding from multiple perspectives, roles and responsibilities.

When not conducting workshops, consulting on business strategy or coaching high performing executives, you will find Sue at her home in Massachusetts playing a good game of Gin Rummy with her husband Tom of 22 years, thoroughly engaged with their three teenagers, Jordan, Nicholas and Carolyn or hopping into an occasional Tough Mudder™ of half marathon for the exercise and fun of it. In the early morning, you will catch her training hard in her newest passion, sculling on Lake Quinsigamond.

To learn more about Sue and Focal Pointe Consulting Group, please visit

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