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149: Why Normal Isn’t Healthy with Bowen White, Perspirational Speaker

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No matter how successful, rich or high on the corporate ladder we are, Dr. Bowen White says we all have a secret we share. It’s not a secret we talk about but it’s one we bring with us to work, into relationships and imprint on our kids. This secret can get in the way of having the life that is only yours to live.

Dr. Bowen White built his career as a physician who breaks down barriers between him and his patients. He now works with organizations using a combination of the talents and expertise of a physician, speaker, consultant, and author. 

As an organizational physician Bowen is interested in the people piece of the workplace puzzle. He is a founding board member for the National Institute for Play and is the author “Why Normal Isn’t Healthy”. 

In this interview, Bowen tells us how he created his own path to practice holistic medicine, when and why he transitioned to working with organizations and lets us in on his definition of health. He then explains why normal isn’t healthy and describes this secret we all share. Bowen leaves us with the most beautiful (and tangible) tip I’ve heard so far.

If you’re ready to hear from a physician who takes himself off the “doctor pedestal” and who exposes our deepest insecurity as human beings, this is the episode for you!

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Interview highlights (with timestamps):
  • [5:48] Bowen’s journey into holistic medicine.
  • [13:27] How he closed the distance between him and patients.
  • [22:35] His definition of health
  • [24:25] The secret we all share.
  • [30:35] Why normal isn’t healthy
  • [34:50] How to bring his concepts to the workplace
  • [41:10] A key to expressing our emotions and suppressing the “scared guy”
  • [46:40] Bowen’s tangible tip
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Full Bio:

Bowen F. White, M.D. combines the talents and expertise of a physician, speaker, consultant, and author. He travels the world conducting seminars, consulting and speaking to public and private organizations.

In 1983, Dr. White founded the Department of Preventive & Stress Medicine for Baptist Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri and the Department of Wellness and Health Promotion before leaving to pursue a private practice and a career as a consultant and speaker. 

He has given hundreds of keynote addresses and some highlights of his consulting experience include a six-month team building project at NCAA headquarters, three years as corporate medical consultant to the Hazelden Foundation, multiple presentations for Medtronic, Inc. (including their Medtronic Leader program), has been the graduation speaker for MFS leadership training programs, multiple presentations for the Institute for Management Studies, lectured to graduate students at Stanford University on play, design thinking and innovation and worked with the Kansas City Royals on performance enhancement.

As an organizational physician he is interested in the “people piece” of the workplace puzzle: Creating Healthy Work Environments, Team Building, Leadership, Performance Enhancement, Stress, Managing Change, Sales, Ethics, and Communications.  His programs emphasize the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own health and well being as he helps organizations create suspiciously healthy workplaces.

Dr. White’s training programs, seminars, keynote speeches, management retreats, executive mentoring and spouse programs have had an immediate, practical application for such organizations as: Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges, Hallmark Cards, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, DuPont, 3M, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, AVEDA, Association of American Medical Colleges, New York Life Insurance, Duke University Medical Center, Federal Reserve Bank, Beth Israel Hospital, Mercury Marine, Inc., the Foreign Service Institute, MFS, Ameriprise Financial and the Georgetown University Law Faculty.

His message is international. In addition to presentations throughout the US, he has presented at conferences in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, Austria, India, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Panama and Israel. He has spoken to educators, managers and the aviation industry in the UK (London, Manchester, Edinburgh), and to staff members stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.

The International Management Center in Budapest asked Dr. White to share his expertise with managers studying their emerging market economy.  He has also discussed aspects of executive training and quality programs with industrial managers in Osaka, Japan.

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