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147: The 6 Critical Keys to Increasing your Impact and Influence as a Wellness Professional with Rebecca Johnson, Co-founder, ViDL Solutions

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There are times when it feels like the wellness industry is under attack. Most recently, it was the Song et al study published in JAMA and before that it was the University of Illinois study. Both garnered the headlines “wellness doesn’t work”.

These sensational headlines are easy to dismiss but I strongly encourage you not to. Both of these studies are good pieces of research we can learn from as wellness professionals. Examining these findings without bias or opinions can potentially lead us to new, more effective approaches.

That why our training, “Next Generation Wellness: From Theory to Practice” was created. In this training, we teach the critical ways we need to shift the conversations within our organizations. This can lead us to not only evolve our industry but also have more impact and influence.  We gave the training this past Spring and will also be giving it at this year’s WELCOA Summit as an intensive before the full conference gets started.

For a sneak peek into our training, in this episode, Rebecca and I walk you through 6 of the Critical Keys to improving your impact and influence. If you want to keep up with these critical keys and get additional tips, you can access your free resource guide HERE.

To join us at WELCOA on August 26th : Click HERE for more details.

Interview highlights (with timestamps):
  • [8:02] Moving from biomedical approach to an interconnected approach
  • [16:30] Reducing or eliminating incentives and creating the conditions
  • [29:00] A different value proposition for wellness
  • [34:35] The importance of connecting to business priorities
  • [37:45] Communication that sticks
  • [44:40] Practicing Acceptance
  • [52:09] Review of the 6 Critical Keys
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Download our 6 Critical Keys guide HERE.

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Full Bio:

Rebecca Johnson is a leader in the wellbeing industry with more than 20 years of diverse experience in coaching, education, consulting, speaking, program management, and business development. She has been influential in shifting the corporate wellness paradigm away from the conventional outside-in, “wellness or else” model towards a more holistic, inside-out approach. 

Rebecca currently serves as the Director of Wellness Services for Corporate Fitness Works, where she oversees the implementation of a new paradigm model that fuses the best of employee wellbeing and cultural transformation.

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