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132: Bringing Wisdom to the Workplace with Cory Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Wisdom Labs

Wisdom Labs

According to the American Psychological Association, 65% of U.S. employees cite work as a significant source of stress. The American Institute of Stress estimates that job stress costs U.S. industry more than $300 billion a year.

But how do we fight the stress epidemic in organizational cultures that perpetuate it? Today’s guest, Cory Smith, co-founded Wisdom Labs to bring a scalable solution to attack stress and enhance wellbeing through mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and resilience.

In this interview we discuss what led him to create multiple companies and his shift into aligned entrepreneurship. Cory shares why businesses are positioned to make real change in the world and how mindfulness, emotional fluency and social connection will help bring people together.

We dig into the various ways Wisdom Labs spreads wisdom at work, results they’ve seen so far and how it works in organizations. As always, he leaves us with a tangible tip. 

Interview Highlights:
  • [7:00] Cory’s evolution of entrepreneurship.
  • [10:49] A big event that rocked Cory’s world and made him shift towards social enterprise.
  • [16:28] How the idea was formed for Wisdom Labs.
  • [22:20] How Wisdom Labs sets out to change the organizational culture.
  • [27:54] Why mindfulness and resilience are important and the results they’ve seen.
  • [33:21] Physical health isn’t included in their model – here’s why.
  • [36:28] Cory’s advice on how to “convince” organizations to address these skills.
  • [41:40] How Wisdom Labs works in organizations.
  • [48:31] Cory’s tangible tip for wellness pros.

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Full Bio:

Cory Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Wisdom Labs.  Wisdom Labs delivers evidence-based solutions for mental, emotional and social wellbeing to help employees thrive in organizations such as Linkedin, Healthline, GoPro, Ford, Merck and Salesforce.

Previously, Cory was the CEO of Impact Hub Bay Area, CEO of the Social Capital Markets Conference, the first Innovation Fellow for the City of San Francisco, CEO of Webcast Solutions (acquired by StarMedia/France Telecom) and Co-founder of MediaCast, the first on-location webcast company.

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