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130: Making Lights Brighter within Organizations with Maggie Gough, Wellness Revolutionist

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We understand the importance of culture, but it can feel too big for us to do anything about. Or maybe we feel like it’s someone else’s job. So, we go about our day contributing to the culture whatever way we feel like showing up that day. But as today’s guest, Maggie Gough, tell us culture is everyone’s responsibility.

Here’s her definition of culture:

“Culture is a million micro moments of people in connection with one another in an organization.”

But Maggie didn’t start out in the culture biz. She’s a fellow dietitian who has held various worksite wellness roles from working in a call center to wellness director at a biometric screening company (and a couple other positions along the way). It wasn’t until she found herself misaligned with her values, ill and in need of recovery that she started her own business, Realize Wellbeing.

In the first 20 minutes of this interview, Maggie takes us through the twists and turns of her worksite wellness career to date.  For those of you early in your careers or wanting to advance, she’s got some great advice for you.

Maggie gets candid (as is her nature) about when she was sick, anxious and in need of recovery. We discuss coaching employees and dive into her training called “All In”, that focuses on culture and why we’re all responsible for building it. Maggie leaves us with details on a Wellbeing Accelerator she created in partnership with WELCOA.

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Interview Highlights:
  • [6:20] Maggie’s experience right out of school and her advice to young professionals.
  • [12:06] Her experience delivering wellness at a university and a beautiful story of collaboration.
  • [20:08] What knocked her back to square one and how she got back to beginner’s mind.
  • [29:25] The most life giving work she’s ever done.
  • [34:25] The three things that feel important to Maggie.
  • [41:18] Microinfluence and how Maggie uses this in her culture training, “All In”.
  • [59:36] The Wellbeing Accelerator Maggie created in partnership with WELCOA.

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Full Bio:

Maggie has been a part of the corporate wellness industry for over a decade and she has been a true student of her experiences, a renegade, always challenging how things can be made better. This has launched her into a position of leadership on a local and national level. If you want the truth, a real, authentic conversation about corporate health she is the person to talk to. 


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