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129: Preventing Work Disability through a Worker-Centric Model with Jason Parker, President of CentriX Disability Management Services, Inc.

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Work disability has been described as one of the biggest social and labor market challenges that hinders economic growth and reduces effective labor supply (OECD, 2010).  Work disability costs organizations 9 to 15% of their payroll and the employer’s response at the time of injury can influence as much as a 26% decrease in duration

Even if you don’t manage the work disability process for your organization, it’s important to understand that work disability is a separate condition with its own set of causes and has its own set of interventions. Today’s guest, Jason Parker, President and Senior Work Disability Consultant of Centrix Disability Management Services, takes us through the multitude of factors that impact an employee returning to work.

In this interview, Jason tells us how he got into work disability and explains the high costs of work disability. We then discuss how work disability is developmental in nature and that there are multiple factors involved in successfully getting employees back to work. Jason outlines his four guiding principles and offers tangible tips for how we can help foster a successful return to work for these employees.

Interview Highlights:
  • [5:45]  Jason’s accidental entry into the area of worker disability.
  • [12:15] What Jason has heard from interviews with over 1,300 workers on their experience with work disability.
  • [14:15] The definition of work disability and the costs to organizations and the GDP.
  • [18:20] How work disability impacts across industries.
  • [19:39] Jason answers the question “why do most claims exceed expected duration?”
  • [26:15] How to talk to workers who are out on leave.
  • [30:23] The factors involved in getting employees back to work and his four guiding principles.
  • [41:34] The connection between employee engagement and return to work.
  • [48:45] Jason’s two tangible tips – one for wellness pros and the other for organizations.

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Full Bio

Jason Parker is the President and Senior Work Disability Consultant of Centrix Disability Management Services.  Jason is the creator of Motivation and Action Planning, which is a unique behavioural work disability prevention approach.  Jason has extensive experience in Work Disability Prevention and Stay-at-Work/Return to Work programs with over 23 years of experience covering almost every employer group.  Over the years, he has developed a unique proprietary method of case management that is evidence based and worker centric. 

Jason holds a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia.

Jason oversees the leadership of Centrix as well as continues to work in providing direct consulting to organizations while maintaining his hand in case management.