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125: Why We Need a New Approach to Wellness with Jill Dorris, Kristin Stapleton and Margo Walsh Riddle

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If you’re a regular listener you may have heard me mention a small group I facilitated last Fall. I offered it as a bonus for those who signed up early for our Next Gen Wellness Training that starts February 13th.

We had a group of seven wellness pros and each week, I’d briefly present on a topic and we’d all discuss our thoughts around it and how/if it would work in our organization. It was amazing because all seven people were extremely cool. Everyone spoke their mind but was extremely respectful of each other.

When I asked for feedback, one person asked if there was a way to get the message out that there needs to be a shift in wellness. After letting that sink in, I thought why not bring a few of the small group members on the podcast. You guys can hear directly from wellness pros other than me that change is needed.

Today’s guests are:

  • Jill Dorris, Sr Health and Performance Consultant at HUB International Insurance Services.
  • Kristin Stapleton, is Executive Director for Paradigm Health and Wellness.
  • Margo W. Riddle is an experienced health and wellness professional who has the ability to work at both the employee and organization levels with multiple credentials in health coaching and workplace wellness.

In this interview, each guest starts out telling us what they do and what challenges come with it. They talk about why we need a shift in the wellness industry, what prompted them to take a gamble on the small group plus next gen and what they got out of it.

Finally, although our 9-week next gen wellness training doesn’t start until February 13th, the early bird special ends January 31st. That means the price goes from $695 to $895. You can find out more here.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jill, Kristin and Margo!

Interview Highlights:
  • [11:14] The challenges they see when working with employers.
  • [18:30] How they respond to employers who are still using old approaches to wellness.
  • [23:40] Why we need a new approach to wellness.
  • [30:40] When they realized a new approach needed to happen.
  • [38:50] What made them want to join the small group and Next Generation Wellness training.
  • [47:05] Parting comments from each guest.

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Full Bio:

Jill Dorris is an expert in worksite health and well-being with over 27 years of experience in the industry. She has consulted both employers as well as benefits brokers on setting up, and maintaining engaging and sustainable Well-Being initiatives with the end goal of improving employee health and performance in a way that benefits the employer

After 10 years as an onsite Wellness Director for a large employer in San Diego, Jill ventured out to establish her own worksite health promotion consulting business, Well-Connected.  For 11 years, her role as owner/consultant consisted of executing the day to day tactical responsibilities of an onsite program, while working with the HR and Executive Management teams to synchronize the wellness program with the overall business strategy. She collaborated with 3rd party vendors, onsite health/fitness staff and benefits brokers to deliver programs that were well received by both the employer and employee.

Prior to coming to HUB, Jill spent 3 years as the Health and Productivity consultant for Alliant Insurance Services, helping clients navigate the complexities of starting and maintaining a viable, compliant employee wellness program. Staying current on best practices and trends, she is able to recommend and implement  the best in class vendors, ideas and resources to support her clients’ well-being initiatives.

Jill’s LinkedIn is

Kristin Stapleton has worked as a health and workplace consultant for the past 8 years. Prior to her experience in health and wellness, she worked as a Hospital Liaison for Kindred Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Representative for Pfizer. As Executive Director for Paradigm Health and Wellness, Kristin is responsible for product development and expansion, recruitment and training of Coaches, Behavior Change and its impact on Productivity; both at work and in our daily lives. The Paradigm Leadership Program was lead at her direction to develop more compassionate, more resilient and more productive leaders.  Paradigm has taken over 400 leaders through this program helping teams perform at a higher level resulting in improved communication, enhanced relationships, lower stress and better work life balance.  She has attended the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Program and participates in the Indiana Workplace Wellness Partnership. Kristin was among the first class to pass the national standard for Board Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching and is dual certified through the Wellcoaches School of Coaching.  Kristin is passionate about helping companies achieve superior results through a stronger, healthier and more supported workforce.

Kristin’s Linkedin is

Margo W. Riddle is an experienced health and wellness professional who has the ability to work at both the employee and organization levels with multiple credentials in health coaching and workplace wellness. During her career she has worked at Duke Medical Center, Novant Health and various other health and wellness settings. Workplace wellness experience includes the creation and implementation of comprehensive workplace wellness programs using innovative, integrated, customer focused approaches. As a Wellcoaches Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach with over a decade of coaching experience, Margo assists clients in making sustainable lifestyle changes as they move towards enhanced overall well-being.

Margo’s LinkedIn is

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