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122: Helping People be Great at Anything with Dr. Toni Best, Chief Human Performance Officer and Co-founder at ADURO

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We’re all looking to work for or with culture first companies. You know the type of company where leadership intentionally works toward building a strong (and positive) culture. Although this seems rare, ADURO is one of those companies.

Today’s guest, Dr. Toni Best, Chief Human Performance Officer and co-founder at ADURO, aims to bring out the best in their people. But getting to where they are today didn’t come without some challenges!

In this interview, Toni explains what ADURO does, how they approach wellness a bit differently than other wellness vendors and how their company got started. We then switch to discussing their employee growth, the internal pain points of silos forming and what they did about it. Lastly, Toni leaves us with their lessons learned and a tangible tip.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing peak into ADURO’s journey!

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Interview Highlights:
  • [7:50] How the ADURO platform works (from a user’s perspective).
  • [9:29] How ADURO is different from other wellness vendors.
  • [13:52] Where we can miss the mark with health risks.
  • [16:25] How ADURO got started.
  • [22:00] The ADURO internal employee wellness experience.
  • [26:55] ADURO went from 96% of employees investing in their 401k to 100%.
  • [30:09] When they first realized there were internal silos forming.
  • [34:40] The steps they took to break down silos.
  • [42:58] Lessons learned from their challenges and the steps they took.
  • [47:00] Toni’s tangible tip for wellness pros.

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ADURO white paper:


Full Bio:

Dr. Toni Best is the Chief Human Performance Officer and co-founder at ADURO, a human performance company that promotes wellbeing, health and performance in corporate workplaces. She holds a B.S. in Human Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and is a Certified Intrinsic Coach and Valuation Specialist with more than 20 years of teaching, coaching, and workplace culture development experience.

Toni supports human performance program development, transformative learning and habit change, leadership training and talent development, and company culture initiatives at ADURO, focusing on enlivening the workplace and maximizing individual and team potential and performance.

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