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100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with Jen Arnold

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Although it may not mean much to you, it’s my 100th episode! Just for a stat, most podcasts don’t make it past 7 episodes. This is not to brag but rather celebrate an endeavor I took on not knowing how it would turn out. I’ve been honored to interview a series of fantastic experts, both inside the wellness industry and beyond.

I rarely do solo episodes but I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the past 2 years, a potential new direction for Redesigning Wellness and a training I’m launching for wellness professionals in September.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
  • How do we change the conversation away from physical health and more focused on finding what will truly help employees thrive?
  • Meaningful work and meaningful relationships need to be established first before a wellness program will make an impact.
  • You can learn so much by just listening without a pre-set agenda.
  • It’s ok to take baby steps into the new paradigm/next generation of wellness.
  • I’m co-developing a training to help managers determine what kind of leader they want to be, where they are currently and how to fill that gap.
  • There are a ton of opportunities for wellness professionals to be a vital part of their organizations.
Check out these highlights (with timestamps): 
  • How I feel about Health Assessments and biometric screenings. [3:38]
  • A simple thing you can do now. [6:33]
  • Why wellness is not about you (or me) [8:25]
  • How I missed the human aspect of being a manager [15:00]
  • My contemplation with the podcast [21:00]
  • My upcoming training available in September [23:39]
Mentioned in this episode:

New training: 


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