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092: How to Survive a Toxic Work Culture with Nancy Board, COO of Global Women 4 Wellbeing

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Nancy Board, Co-Founder/COO of Global Women 4 Wellbeing paints a clear picture of a toxic workplace and the negative impacts it has on wellbeing. She also discusses the many feelings that a toxic culture can create in employees such as stress, sadness, and depression.

Nancy and Jen elaborate on the impact of the recent #MeToo movement and sexual harassment in the workplace. Nancy also gives sound advice on what to do if you or a co-worker are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. Nancy and Jen discuss signs to look for when interviewing for a new job to gauge the company’s environment, coping strategies if you must stay in a job with a toxic culture, and tips to maintain and protect your mental health in toxic environments.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
  • Toxic culture can manifest as an increase in stress, sadness, depression or distraction.
  • Developing coping patterns are crucial if one is going to exist and keep distance from the toxicity.
  • Keeping quiet doesn’t serve anyone and doesn’t help to make things change.
  • When interviewing for a new job, arrive early and look for signs of a toxic environment.
  • When there’s fear or intimidation coming from someone, it’s because they have been hurt.
Check out these highlights:
  • Nancy’s definition of a toxic work culture [4:50]
  • Negative impact of a toxic work environment [9:05]
  • Signs of toxic environments [16:50]
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace [23:00]
  • Advice to women experiencing harassment [27:50]
  • What to do as a peer of someone being sexually harassed [35:40]
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Full Bio:

Nancy Board is a long time EAP professional, experienced in corporate health and wellbeing globally, and a leader in workplace mental health, trauma response, risk management and women’s issues. She is also a sought after speaker, facilitator and international trainer for women’s health, wellbeing worldwide, having worked with thousands of women to help them remove barriers to achieving success.

Previously Nancy was Vice President of Healthcare, EAP and Wellness for JP Morgan In the Asia Pacific region, responsible for over 38,000 employees in 18 countries. She is a versatile, technically savvy, culturally competent leader. Having also led individuals, teams and organizations through the chaos and grief of workplace violence and major disasters, Nancy has a unique lens from which to gauge and teach personal resiliency, recovery and trust. As Co-Founder of Global Women 4 WellBeing, she is passionate about doing more good to create gender equity and build inclusive, respectful workplaces for women to become thriving, healthy leaders.

Nancy received her Master’s degree in Social Work/Behavioral Medicine from Washington University in St.Louis, Mo, certification as a Global Professional in Human Resources and certification as Facilitator and Guide for Women’s Circles through the non-profit organization, Woman Within International.


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