Pharos Systems, a company founded in New Zealand, infused the unique culture into its workplace, resulting in a company rich in the spirit of acceptance, being open, and truly focusing on the engagement and joy of the worker. Susy Bordin, who launched the corporate wellness initiative in 2015, shares her approach to creating a culture of wellness that upholds the founders’ philosophy.

Susy and Jen discuss how Pharos Systems’ wellness initiative is outside of, but still in collaboration with Human Resources and its use of incentives. She tells how her experience with the Search Inside Yourself, Google Training led her to co-create a 10-week program to share with Pharos employees. Susy elaborates on ideas for outside the box Lunch and Learns, building wellness in a way that matters to employees, and how trying new things is important, even if they aren’t a mega-success.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
  • We really need to meet people where they are.
  • What wellness means to one person may not mean a thing to another.
  • If we build wellness in a way that matters to them (employees), they will show up.
  • If you try something and it is not as successful as you want it to be, make a note and move on.
Check out these highlights:
  • The tone and culture of Pharos Systems set by the two owners from New Zealand [7:15]
  • Susy describes her experience at a prior job that had a culture of distrust [9:10]
  • A wonderful story that exemplifies the culture of Pharos [12:20]
  • Pharos Systems and Susy’s approach to wellness [18:30]
  • Unique offerings for lunch and learns to encourage holistic health [21:09]
  • Collaboration with Human Resources and the use of incentives [30:10]
Links mentioned in this episode:

Search Inside Yourself, Google Training


 Full Bio:

Susy, originally from Canada, has been living in the US since 1998.  She’s has been working in business administration and project management for 25 years, from NYC to Rochester NY. Susy has had an interest in traditional forms of fitness since the late 1980’s. The most recent years were spent exploring other aspects of wellness; emotional intelligence, meditation and mindfulness, yoga and mind body work.

She began the corporate yoga program at Pharos Systems in late 2013 shortly after joining the company.  She launched the corporate wellness initiative in early-2015, introducing monthly lunch and learns that incorporated the 8 dimensions of wellness and adding a second weekly exercise class to the program. Her interest in emotional intelligence lead her to attend the Search Inside Yourself, Google training in 2016 & co-create the course to bring to her co-workers in her organization. She continues to bring an enthusiastic and open approach to wellness at Pharos and plans to continue the program, discovering unique learning opportunities for herself and others.

Susy feeds her insatiable love of learning and exploring new ideas and concepts by reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, and TED talks. She keeps her mind fresh and expanding into new ways of viewing the world around her by surrounding herself with others who are passionate about their own learning and are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Susy lives in Penfield NY with her partner Joe, 2 teen daughters Liv & Aubrey, teen step-daughter Bella, their cats, Harley & Quinn and Elley the family dog.