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087: Make the World a Better Place with motivational speaker, Carrie Grace.

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Carrie Grace is on a mission to inspire others to spread joy and kindness, in hopes of people making the world a better place than they found it. She shares how her loving childhood experiences and volunteer work led to a lifestyle in which she always chooses love. Spreading joy and kindness even led her to throwing a birthday party on an airplane flight, 300 goodie bags included.

Tune in to hear Carrie explain that concept that people are walking around with invisible pain and encourages us to be someone’s kitchen table story. Jen and Carrie also discuss how the fear of rejection can be a barrier to acts of kindness and ways to spread kindness at the workplace. Carrie currently travels the country inspiring others and has been featured in USA Today, Huffington Post, and His Radio.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
  • Kindness becomes a lifestyle, a positive cycle.
  • People who are givers and have a slow incline up to the top have built better networks.
  • People are more likely to help someone if they’ve been helped in the past.
  • Fear of rejection is a barrier to performing acts of kindness.
  • People have barriers of entry to kindness
  • What are moments (good or bad) to celebrate in someone’s life?
Check out these highlights:
  • People are walking around with invisible pain [9:50]
  • Often being too nice, too kind, weak, or emotional in the workplace is seen as a weakness [15:30]
  • Being someone’s kitchen table story (birthday party on a flight story) [23:35]
  • Carrie’s 30-day rejection challenge [27:11]
  • How to spread kindness at the workplace [37:50]
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Full Bio:

Carrie Grace is a former teacher turned motivational speaker. She is on a mission to inspire others to spread joy and kindness, in hopes of people making the world better than they found it. She’s been known to love big; having thrown a party on an airplane, passed out free ice cream to strangers, and loves to encourage anyone who crosses her path. She currently travels the country to inspiring others and has she’s been featured on major media including USA Today, Huffington Post, His Radio, and many more.