080: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health in the Workplace with Dr. Natalie Dattilo

Episodic depression, anxiety, and stress are mental health issues that affect many people in the workplace. Often these issues either come with a stigma or even worse, are not spoken about, addressed, or treated. This week Jen is joined by Dr. Natalie Dattilo, licensed clinical psychologist and behavioral health consultant, to explore ways to break the stigma of mental health issues.

Dr. Dattilo also shares her focus of women and mental health issues, why women are at an increased risk, and how having a conversation about mental health can positively impact employees and the workplace. Tune in as Dr. Dattilo and Jen also discuss effects of stress on performance, mindset training, and tangible tips to break the stigma.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
  • Exercise for mood management is highly recommended.
  • Stress depends on how you view the stress in your life.
  • Mental health issues cannot be treated in isolation.
  • Taking the stigma off of mental health issues can be done by having a conversation
  • There isn’t a stigma in going to a primary care doctor for blood pressure but there is for mental health treatments
Check out these highlights:
  • Bi-directional body/mind connection [5:00]
  • Why Natalie focuses on women [9:03]
  • Reasons why women are at an increased risk of mental health issues [11:40]
  • How do these struggles impact the worksite [14:10]
  • Taking the edge off the stigma [22:04]
  • Mindset training [23:23]
  • Effects of stress on performance [30:10]
  • Tangible tips for workplaces [34:30]
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Full Bio

Dr. Natalie Dattilo is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral treatment of depression and anxiety. In the past, her research pursuits have focused on the evaluation of cognitive-behavioral interventions for mood and anxiety disorders as well as growing the evidence base for acceptance and mindfulness-based therapies in practice. Previous teaching activities include clinical supervision and training of medical students, psychiatry residents, and psychology interns.

Dr. Dattilo received her Ph.D. in clinical and health psychology from the University of Florida and completed her pre- and post-doctoral fellowship at the Indiana University School of Medicine. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.

Dr. Dattilo currently serves as a behavioral health consultant for Activate Healthcare, a private healthcare company providing a unique on-site or near-site primary care experience focused on prevention and health promotion. She is passionate about translating cutting-edge research from psychology, neuroscience, and medicine into practical strategies for health & wellness, personal fulfillment, and success.

You can follow her on LinkedIn or on twitter @natalie_dattilo