In this week’s episode of Redesigning Wellness, Jen sits down with Bob Merberg, Founder and Principal Managing Consultant for Jozito, LLC. This episode is quite a bit different than previous ones you may have heard.

Jen and Bob engage in a contemplative conversation around what took place for wellness in 2017 and what they think 2018 will hold. They cover both the highs and lows our profession has faced in the past year, how we can look forward and adapt, and who in the industry has really come forth and inspired change.

So, what’s next for wellness? Tune in to hear some of Jen and Bob’s predictions for 2018.

Happy New Year!

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
  • There is not a clear formula for success in our industry. Every organization is different, therefore the build of programs typically vary as well and that is okay!
  • Programs are a two-way street: organizations should be consistently providing opportunities for their employees to learn and grow, but employees must also be willing to engage in these opportunities. With job crafting on the rise, we expect to see an increase in employee engagement.
  • In order to progress in 2018, wellness professionals need to begin pushing the envelope and questioning the status-quo.
Check out these highlights:
  • Bob’s takeaways from 2017 [4:45]
  • Job crafting: a new positive approach [9:30]
  • Importance of the employee-centric approach [15:30]
  • Keys to employee empowerment [17:50]
  • Concerns for the industry: are we progressing? [23:45]
  • Time to bring generation leaders to the forefront [40:00]
  • Predictions for 2018 [49:00]
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Full Bio

Bob Merberg has led the way in sustainable, healthy workplaces for more than 20 years. Programs he has managed received a Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles award from the National Business Group on Health seven times and have won numerous other awards for health promotion, wellbeing, and innovation. In 2017 a team of industry experts convened by the Rochester Business Journal recognized Bob for “creativity and ability to effect measurable improvements, sustainability, and program outcomes.”

One of Bob’s greatest contributions has been his application of evidence-based models to achieving positive business outcomes via workforce sustainability and resilience, which he now offers to medium and large employers via his consulting firm, Jozito LLC. His forthcoming offering of job crafting workshops represents the culmination of this work.

Bob often is featured as a speaker and panelist at conferences, and his work has been spotlighted in MarketWatch, Human Resources Executive, the SCORE podcast for small businesses, PC Magazine, and countless other outlets.