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033: 10 Interviews to Set the Tone for 2017

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As I was reflecting on 2016, it’s been full of self-imposed changes. Starting this podcast has enabled me to connect with amazing wellness experts that helped me expand my thinking around wellness.

With this podcast, I set out to talk with both wellness experts and those that are experts in different areas that complement the field of health promotion. This podcast is my small way of challenging the status quo wellness programming and trying to move the wellness field forward. I have learned a ton and been inspired by many.

Although this is a year end, wrap up episode, I thought it was a good way to kick off 2017. This episode will be clips from 10 episodes that impacted either my listeners or me. Hopefully you can get inspired by some of these messages to challenge the status quo in 2017.

This episode starts by going through some of listener favorites and end with the ones I found the most inspiring and/or learned the most from.

I start with a favorite of Julie Knaack, a listener who’s a healthcare consultant at a health plan. Her favorite was episode 12 with Lindsay Boccardo, who I had on to talk about millennials. It was Julie’s favorite because it was a point of view she hadn’t heard. Lindsay was such a fun and upbeat interview. I have two excerpts, one with Lindsay talking about how to shift culture and get millennials to use wellness programs and the other on how to retain and attract millennials.

The next listener favorite was submitted by Nichole Stewart, a Health Management Advisor at a broker’s office. She really liked the interview with Al Lewis which was episode 10. If you’re not aware, Al is one of the most vocal critics of the wellness industry. I pull a clip of Al talking about what’s right with the wellness industry and one thing I completely agree with Al on.

My last listener favorite was from Kerry Little, a trained health coach who is now a health resilience coordinator at a large university. She was an overachiever and submitted quite a few favorites so I picked one for her. She liked my chat with Mark Dessauer, VP of Learning at Spitfire Solutions (episode 14) because it gave her new ideas for parties and fun in work place. Mark’s clip has him talking about some of these ideas.

Personally, I’ve learned from all my guests. There have been many that expanded my way of thinking but no one as much as Rebecca Johnson, Director at Am I Hungry? training. She helped me shift my thinking from the traditional approach of weight loss through eating fewer calories and exercising more into mindful eating.

I was first exposed to Mindful Eating from an intro conversation with Rebecca. What Rebecca said really made sense to me and as a result, I’m now trained in Mindful Eating and am facilitating this in the workplace and individually. Rebecca’s clip has her explaining the overall concepts of Mindful Eating. If Mindful Eating isn’t a shift away from status quo weight loss programs, I’m not sure what is!

Two others that are moving the wellness industry forward are leaders of WELCOA and National Wellness Institute (NWI), Ryan Picarella and Matt Lund. It’s extremely refreshing to see these organizations moving away from status quo wellness programming. I pulled an excerpt from Matt talking about moving away from check in the box wellness programs and how he’s done it differently at NWI.

Ryan is turning the ship around at WELCOA. He talks about his first 6 months on the job and his aggressive course for changing things.  Ryan also talks about how we’ve got ourselves into trouble with wellness, especially around the value story.

It means a lot that the people leading our wellness organizations are calling for change. There have been some talking about change for many years and are gaining some traction. Rosie Ward and Jon Robison have been vocal critics of traditional wellness programming for a LONG time. I really enjoyed hearing from Rosie how she’s kept up the momentum before it was “cool” to talk about the impact of company culture. I ask Rosie what keeps her dedicated to the profession and the clip gives her answer.

I also had the pleasure to pick the brain of one of the founding fathers of wellness, Dee Edington. He’s changed his approach in the past few years and partnered up with a very smart Jennifer Pitts to expand the conversation into total organizational health. Here’s what I learned from Dee….some very smart questions to ask senior leaders when talking wellness. His clip discusses his recommendations for a wellness professional when senior leadership is not bought in.

I recently interviewed two people that made me think about my past messaging to employees. If you tend to want to fix employees by telling them everything that’s wrong with them and how they can improve, you’ll enjoy this clip from MJ Shaar.

One of the tendencies we have as wellness professional’s convincing people to be healthier is that we focus on far off benefits like not getting diabetes or living long and healthy lives. But really who cares about that when there are 5 types of cookies sitting in front of me. For real, that was Christmas with my in-laws.

When asked for a better way to get people to improve their health, Michelle Segar gives us another option.

There you go, 10 interviews that have had an impact on my listeners or me.

I have some exciting interviews coming up in 2017! I’ll talk to more influencers in the wellness industry, behavior change experts, employers who are taking a non-traditional approach to wellness and some of you that are working with employers everyday to change the status quo!

Thank you for joining me on my journey of the Redesigning Wellness podcast! Keep up doing all of your hard work to create wellness experiences that empower employees to live their best lives.

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