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027: Taking Deep Breaths with Jonathan Winn

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When it comes to the Corporate world, we tend to shy away from practices like meditation, deep breathing and using our intuition to make decisions. Today’s guest, Jonathan Winn, gives us good reasons to incorporate these practices into our everyday lives.

As a warning, we start out talking about the U.S. election. Regardless of how you feel about the outcome of the election, I encourage you to listen to Jonathan’s reaction and encouragement for us all to not feed the divisiveness. He urges us to seek the grounds where we have common space and warns us that whatever we focus on, we welcome it to continue.

Jonathan transformed his desire to be a bridge builder into an online course titled “Harness your Fear into Power”. If you want to forward past the political talk, go to about the 15 minute mark.

Jonathan tells us about the benefits of incorporating focused breathing into your day. The basic premise is:

How your feeling is directly related to how you’re breathing. Anytime you’re upset or anxious, you hold your breath or you have shallow breathing.

When you’re angry, upset, anxious, etc. you can use your breath as a gateway into feeling better. It works immediately and you just need one deep breath to immediately feel better.

The steps to using your breath are to observe without worrying about changing it, to slow down your breath and finally to deepen your breath.

Jonathan talks about how to incorporate breathing into your wellness program (first, don’t describe it as a breathing program because that’s the how) but rather on increasing focus, productivity and well-being. For example, it’s what can you do to maintain your calm when you’re on the phone with a difficult client.

He talks about the imbalance in the corporate world between creativity, intuition (going with your gut) and using logic/analytics (data driven pieces). Jonathan teaches clients how to listen to their own inner guidance and body intelligence. He also tells us how employers can help tap into employee creativity and innovation.

Finally, Jonathan tells the story of how he came into this world and why it influenced his company focus (and name).

Jonathan’s bio and contact info:

Jonathan Winn is the Founder of Breathe Refuge and noted Motivational Speaker.  He helps to inspire clients and audiences to search for their unique purpose and to give it powerful expression, ever more boldly.  With nearly a decade of holistic wellness experience, he also teaches others powerful techniques and tools to de-stress and reduce the grip of anxiety.

Jonathan’s experience in holistic wellness ranges from working at one of Condé Nast’s “Top 10 Spas in the Country,” The Omni Grove Park Inn, to apprenticing under internationally recognized author & healer, Christian de la Huerta, studying under world-renown coaches David Neagle and Fabienne Fredrickson.

bJonathan offers an intuitive perspective and powerful ability to help individuals, groups and companies globally with personal growth & professional development.

Twitter: @breatherefuge

Instagram: breathe_refuge 

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